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cla_53_eraMarch 29, 2009

I have lesco fertilizer 19-0-6 and I am trying to find out what setting to use with my Scott`s Speedy Green 3000 spreader. This is about the 6th time I have typed this same message. When am I going to get an answer?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I don't know where your messages went but they are not here.

Otherwise, welcome to the forum!

Your Lesco dealer might be able to give you a definitive answer. What I do when I am using a material that I don't know what setting to use is to experiment. I measure out 100 square feet (10x10 feet) and put the amount of fertilizer in the hopper that should cover that area (measure in pounds). Then I set the setting in the middle of the adjustment range and spread the fertilizer. Hopefully you will have some left over. Then, based on what is left over, I adjust the setting again and finish spreading over the lawn. I might not get it exactly right but it's a lot better than a wild guess and putting down way too much. Then make a note somewhere to remind you what setting you used.

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andy10917(NY 6a)

Please try to remember that people here mostly homeowners too, and they are spending their free time helping others.

Is the fertilizer 19-0-6 with Dimension Crabgrass preventer? That make a big difference. I don't know of a 19-0-6 product from Lesco without Dimension.

Go to the Lesco.com site and on the left side of the window you will see Spreader Settings. The Scott's 3000 is listed.

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garycinchicago(Z5 Chicago IL.)

> "This is about the 6th time I have typed this same message. When am I going to get an answer?"

Maybe when you go to the Lesco site, I dunno?

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andy10917(NY 6a)


I know. That was probably about 10X longer than it took me to type "Lesco Spreader Settings" into this miraculous lawn product I discovered called "Google" ;-)

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Is it a Yello LESCO bag? if so it is 19-0-7 with Dimension, used it this past week here in Virginia , I have a Scotts Standard spreader I used setting "6" and did rows 4.5 feet away from each other. HTH

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Try this link:

It's pretty easy to find if you know where to look.

Step 2: Select Product

Select an item from the following list: (select one) 080381 - DIMENSION 0.10% 19-0-6 30%PPSCU

Step 3: Locate Spreader

Product Application Rate:
*LBS PER 1000 SQFT 2.86 4.13 5.73

* 17500 12106 8726


Craftsman 2.5 3 3.25
Craftsman Drop 5.25 7 .25
Cyclone 3.5 4.5 4.75
Earthway 14 14.5 14.75
Lely 3.5 4.5 4.75
LESCO HD-1 5.5 7 7.5
LESCO R-94 5 7 7.25
LESCO Rotary (80# & 100#) 13 15 17
Ortho 2.25 3 3.25
Precision 4.5 6 6.5
Red Devil 4.5 6 6.5
Republic 2.25 3 3.25
Scott's Accu Green 5.5 7.25 7.5
Scott's Easy Green 26 26.25 26.5
Scott's R7- X E.5 F.5 G.5
Scott's R8-A I.5 J.5 K.5
Scott's Speedy Green 1000 5 6 6.5
Scott's Speedy Green 2000 6 7 6
Scott's Speedy Green 3000 5 6 6.5
Spyker 3.5 4.5 4.75
True Temper 1500 \ 5000 4.5 5.25 5.5
Vicon 20 28 32
The three different settings for each spreader are the 3 different rates you can put it down at. Read the bag to find out which setting is best for your situation in your area of the country.

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