Installing sod over failed seed attempt

whitehautephotoMarch 26, 2013

We tried back at the end of November to plant eco-lawn seed in our back yard. It has grown, but VERY slowly, and very patchy. I know we could give it more time and it will eventually grow, but we have a 2-year old son who is dying to get outside and play in the yard, and our grass areas have been fenced off with chicken wire for 4 months now. We're going to put in a fescue blend sod, and I'm wondering the following: Do we HAVE to remove the grass that has already started growing?

Here's a couple pieces of info to note:
1. We tilled the entire yard very well prior to seeding, obviously the ground has settled since then
2. We don't mind if the eco-lawn ends up coming through the new sod and taking over down the road, we like that grass but we're ready for a full lawn sooner rather than later
3. The grass that has come in so far is no more than maybe a 1/2" above the soil, so it's not very established yet

Advice will be helpful!

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andy10917(NY 6a)

How about a bit of a clue as to where you live? Alaska is slightly different from Florida.

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If you want to make your yard level then you can remove the grass by scraping with a flat shovel under it. Since the sod has some soil to it, it's ok to removal a little. If you don't want to do all the work just throw it right over and make it as level as possible. The grass under will probably just die since it was weak to begin with. I hope this helps and you can get your son onto the lawn soon!

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