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mudgodMarch 21, 2013

I have a few questions, I've had TruGreen for the past two years and have found them to be subpar and as per multiple suggestions on here will attempt to DIY. My yard is Tall Fescue and I'm at the border of 6b/7a

I went ahead and got the Lesco Spring/Summer products as recommended in other posts

I have a Scott's EdgeGuard Mini as a broadcast spreader

1) The Lesco Pre-M (15-0-0 w/0.21% Dimension ) says 1.96lb/1000sf how do I convert that to Scott's settings. Their site doesn't refer to the specific product I have

2) I have bermuda growing in patches all over and have bought Ornamec to use on it. I was told to wait till mid-may to june (when it gets hot and the bermuda is growing to apply the Ornamec). I read it needs to be applied spring/fall although the Lesco rep told me to use it every few weeks throughout the summer. Which is accurate? Also how badly does Ornamec damage fescue , in the sense of waiting till the fall so I have a usable yard vs bare/dead patches all over

3) I read here that Grub control should be applied when I see issues, how do I figure out if I have a problem?

Thanks a bunch :)

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Don't wait until June to kill Bermuda, if small patches, spray roundup 3 weeks apart as soon as Bermuda starts to break dormancy. You can continue to spray during the summer if new Bermuda appears. This is the most effective and cost-effective way to eradicate Bermuda.

You can seed those spots later in the Fall, by Winter, you will have an even green Fescue lawn without brown patches of common Bermuda.

Be sure to add some Kentucky Bluegrass to you Fescue.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

When you see June bugs or Japanese beetles swarming your porch lights, then you can apply something for the grubs. Most years you will never see them and you don't need to apply. Normal lawns can handle up to 12 grubs per square foot. Don't apply anything if you have fewer than that.

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The only way to kill Bermuda grass short of digging out the yard is Methal Bromide, which is not available to homeowners and will be off the market in a year. You can try all you want with round-up it's going to come back.

As far as the grubs there is a certain time to apply depending what kind of insect you have. If you see them as adult form then its too late, you missed their cycle. Check out some common grub damage and compare to yours and see how best to attack from there. Most grubs have a certain stage that they are susceptable to pesticides and it must be timed just right.

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Did you ever figure out what to set your spreader at? I have the same issue.

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