Order of Application... Many Problems in Oregon!

KPinOregonMarch 25, 2014

Hi... I moved into a house with a lawn that needs a lot of help. It needs to be dethatched, it has LOTS of moss, it has crabgrass, it has grubs eating the sod roots, has bare areas with no grass, and just needs to be overseeded in general. So here's what I was thinking... although I'm completely guessing.

1. Dethathch and rake up all the junk from winter
2. Mow the lawn
3. Rerake
4. Spray moss out
5. Apply crabgrass control and grub control
6. Rake out the dead moss
7. Overseed and sprinkle soil on top to keep moist... and keep birds from eating seed
8. Apply lime and triple-16 fertilizer (at the same time)
9. Water throughout ths process.

Please... any feedback is appreciated. I just feel like there are so many proglems, and I don't know in what order to do everything.

Thanks so much,

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

For the most part that will work on most of your issues. However,...

Applying grub control in the spring is a waste of time, money, and effort. Grub problems are forecasted by swarms of either Japanese beetles or June bugs around your porch lights in May or June. If you don't get a lot of these beetles, then you won't need to spray for grubs. A normal lawn should be able to deal with about 12 grub units per square foot. If you dig around in July and find more than that, then do something. If you find fewer than that then let them be.

If you feel the need to cover the new seed with something, use compost instead of top soil. Topsoil will change your drainage permanently, but compost will not. Chances are your drainage is still good from when your house was built. If you know otherwise, then you might want to get a landscaper involved to fix it.

Don't apply lime unless you have a recent soil test that tells you how much to apply and which kind of lime (there are two).

I would hold off on the fertilizer until you have mowed the new grass for the second time.

Keep in mind that spring time is a bad time to reseed a lawn. Fall is much better because the summer weed seeds are not germinating then. This is the time when the crabgrass seed is germinating.

Can you post a picture of your crabgrass? It should all be dead and gone this time of year. If you have a weed you're calling crabgrass, it could be something else and might not be susceptible to anything you apply for crabgrass.

How often do you water and for how long? Proper watering is a key element in weed prevention.

How high/low do you mow? Another key element but not nearly as important as watering.

What kind of grass do you have? And is shade an factor in your garden? Crabgrass will not grow in full shade and won't compete with certain grasses in partial shade.

Also are you on the Pacific side of the mountains or the dry side?

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