Pre-emergent herbicide

wmmalletteMarch 14, 2012

I am trying to choose a pre-emergent herbicide. I have a bermuda lawn (whats left of it). and I need a wide spectrum herbicide. I have a lot of different species of weeds to deal with.

any suggestions?


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Are you saying the weeds are already growing and you have a wide variety of them? Are they both grassy and broadleaf weeds?

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yes I am. The weeds have just about made it necessary to mow because they are so high, but my bermuda has not started greening yet.

I did not put out a preemerge in the fall. I was told to wait until spring. I know that I should have. Both grasssy and broadleaf varieties.


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Yes you should have used it in the fall and you should have used it much earlier in the spring. Using it now is a waste of money. Preem only affects seedlings and keeps them from taking root. You already have full blown weeds. Now you need to use a regular herbicide like Weed-B-Gone for the broadleaf weeds. I would wait until you mow the bermuda for the second time and then fertilize. Two full weeks later, you can come in and spray the boadleaf weeds. Weeds die best when well fertilized.

For grassy weeds the only solution in a lawn is to pull them. Well I suppose you could try spot spraying, but the Grass-B-Gone products will also kill any bermuda that it gets on. Of course being bermuda, death is only temporary. Some grassy weeds will die naturally when you mow low and with the summer heat. Some love the summer heat - crabgrass for example. Some of your grassy weeds will be the bunch type of grass. Those can be pulled out relatively easily up to 2 days after a rainstorm. Later than that and it becomes much harder to pull them.

Where do you live that the bermuda is still brown??

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Mickey a couple of questions for you:

Where are you located?
Can you determine what the weeds are? Cool Season or warm season weeds?

Here is what I am thinking because you said the Bermuda has not greened up yet. Sounds like they are winter and spring annual weeds and grass like Blue Grass (annual Poa). If I am correct the warmer weather coming will do them in.

However you still need some pre-m for what is comming in late spring and summer like crabgrass, dallisgrass, ect. I have two reccomendations find a product that either contains Barricade or Dimension. Better yet another one called AMAZE made by Greenlite. Amaze is sold by Ace Hardware and sometimes you can find it at HD and Lowes this time of year.

If you use Barricade or Dimension, apply it 4 times a year for year round control. After a season or two you can probable stop using it. In winter after th eBermuds goes fully dormant you can spray anything green with Round Up for what does come up.

If you can find AMAZE and use it only needs 3 applications per year for year round control.

Good Luck


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My local Co-op recommended Simazine. I am in North Mississippi, Zone 7. Does anyone know about it? Yes I feel good that these are cool season weeds.

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Simazine? It works but be extremely careful with it. if you inhale any dust you could die. It is a cyanide product and extremely toxic if the dust is inhaled. Strangely enough only mildly toxic if ingested, and used in water plants and aquariums to treat water.

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I will certainly be careful ... long sleeve everything, eye protection and a mask or respirator. It turned out he was someone I go to church with, but I didnt know he worked at the co-op. He came to the house looked at what weeds I have and gave me a year long herbicide and fertilizer plan. Even steered me to another business where I can get the fertilizer and one of the herbicides cheaper than they sell it.

It amazing how nice people can be! On here and locally, so many people willing to help with things that I know nothing about. I am getting a good education on turf management though.

Will take some before pictures and as I make progress will show a timeline of how it all goes.

Thanks again! ---Mickey

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OK, slight change of plans (maybe). My wife has just delivered twins, so i did not get my pre-emerge down. I feel like it is too late in my region now. I plan on using 2-4-D, and/or MSMA for Summer and Broadleaf weads during the wartm season, and a fertilizer plan for the rest of spring and summer. Taking the opportunity to aerate, spread sand and over seed more bermuda in bare spots in June. Get a good establised bermuda stand in all places, then pre-emerging in the fall for next year. Then getting back into the Bermuda Bible's plan of action yearly

any thoughts?

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