My totem turned into a fsh bowl !

toomuchglass(5)July 15, 2012

I made a totem over 2 years ago , it's been out in the corner of my yard for all that time. I finally needed to move it today. I looked in shock because it was filled with water ! Each section looked like a fishbowl !!

I brought it in the house & laid the totem on a towel in my sink to see if the silicone leaked - not a drop came out of it. It was all condensation !! Have you had better luck ?

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LOL, toomuch! I thought you had baby goldfish in there! I haven't done totems except for a couple bird waterers outside far, so sits NEAR my fish (pond) ...but they haven't found a way into the glass bowls yet! ;-) Good luck! Jeanne S.

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I have had condensation too.
My solution was to take a small piece of wire,
or an icepick (whatever fits) and punch a hole
in the silicone glue.
Sometimes that will work, and sometimes it won't.
Hope it works for you.

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Marlene Kindred

Mine get condensation in them Nona, I take something and poke a small hole in the silicone and let it drain, then it's usually good as new. Other times, I just move it behind a plant so you don't see it! LOL!

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sorie6(6b ok.)

WOW Mine get condensation but not that much!!! I don't even try to get mine out.

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I've had some with condensation, too. I don't think it detracts from the sculpture unless I've encased an item in it, which I have quit doing. I'll try poking a hole in the silicone and see what happens.

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Poking a hole in the silicone would provide drainage if there were lots of condensation, but do you think that putting a hole in the silicone would provide a bit better circulation (or whatever) in order to prevent the condensation from forming in the first place? Anyone try that and have success? I hope to provide some preventative medicine. :-)

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