Evergreen bulb plans?

amccourNovember 21, 2010

It sounds like there's several in the Hyacinthaceae and Amaryllidaceae families although I'm not really sure what's what in those. Basically looking for stuff like Ledebourias and Haemanthuses. Or Clivias, maybe.

Also what about those South African Ornithogalum hybrids? Are those everygreen or not? Are they even viable indoors? I see those in stores in the spring but I've never found much info about them. I had a pregnant onion for a few years but it never really did much for me.

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Amccour, Ornithogalum is a Pregnant Onion. Yes, they're evergreen, and in spring/summer, given sufficient light, a tall stalk grows from the center vase. Flowers grow from the uppermost tip. Flowers aren't the main attraction though.

Clivia is evergreen, too. They go dormant in winter, but leaves remain. There are some beautiful specimens..

Ledebourias are evergreen, too. lol. The produce small, white w/purple/pink hue flowers in late winter until autumn. They do best in shallow bowls. There's several varieties, some w/spots deeply pronounced. Toni

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