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birdsnbloomsNovember 18, 2012

I know I said no more plants, but with gloomy weather and blue mood...........

Two more should be on their way..Who knows when.

Gardenio's Nursery

K. Humilis

Hoya Macrophylla

Accents for Home and Garden


Shrimp Plant variegated

Plumbago, blue

Pellonia 'Freebie'

Pedilanthus 'Marble.'

Maigus Bush

Jasmine, Grand Duke of Tuscany

C Schmidtii

Euphorbia Heterophylla.......annual

Chinese Croton


I don't know how many will live. Some are outdoor plants; they might not adapt indoors.

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I think if I came to your house, with all those plants... I'd never want to leave! It's like walking into a nursery but you have much nicer looking plants and more of a variety :D


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Nope . No cure on the horizon. :-)
If you run out of room to sleep, I guess you can borrow my tent!


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You know what they say about 'Plantoholics', right!

As long as they have the internet and a garden forum, they will never give it uplolol

At least for once I can't say I had an influence on your sinful behavior !lol
Or can you?

Very nice by the way. Did I influence you to get a Brunfelsia by any chance? lol


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Planto, lol..thanks.
If you stopped over, I wouldn't have much to offer, except cuttings. :)

Charlie, ROFL...too funny

Mike. Do you think it's time I join Plant Anonymous and do a 12-step problem?

You're so right about internet forums and online nurseries. Plants are TOO available.
If the only option was actually driving to stores looking for plants, I'd have about 50. lol.

LOL, sinning!

Actually Mike, you had a role influencing me buying a Brunsfelsia.
Displaying your beautiful Bruns, then talking about it's wonderful fragance..How nice the house smells when in flower.
Technically, it's YOUR fault.
I'll send you the bill in the morning. lol.

Mike, do you think Jasmine has a deficiency?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You guys! If all of your plants were cats, you'd be on the 6:00 news. :-)

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Rhizo, you have the greatest sense of humor. lol

Oct 2012, a man in Aurora, IL was caught with hundreds of birds in his home. The story was mentioned on the news.
He said, he started out with one bird, then added a second..from then on he sought out various birds...from parakeets to macaws.

The building is now condemned, and the man is terribly worried about his birds.

Now the sad part. Although he loved his feathered friends, many were found dead. It doesn't make sense.

Police and tv crews were at the house...all wearing masks.

It happens a lot more than you'd think.

One man who owned a local pet store, 'immaculate condition,' lived on an upper floor of the store. Garbage strewn everywhere and pets galore. His elderly mother was confined to a wheel chair, surrounded by trash, dead and living cats and dogs. He kept his mother hostage.
Police discovered he had been arrested and charged/fined for the same thing, in another town.

I once stopped in his pet store..prices were tripple other stores, and he had a terrible personality...Obnoxious.
I walked out without making a purchase..he was pissed off.
Thee following year he was on the news, handcuffed. lol.

I felt sorry for his mother and those poor pets.

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