Unsure palm type, but turning brown. Help!

avenger619November 29, 2012

Hi guys,

Newbie here, I could sure use the help.

For starters I am not even sure what exactly type of palm tree I have, but I been researching online on similar looking ones and am stumped by the inconsistent info. Some say too much water others not enough, so I don't know what to do.

I purchased this plant about 3 months ago and it was tall and dark green, very strong and beautiful and now it seems like its slowly drying and browning, I fear I will loose all the leafs.

What I done so far: I water it about one's a week, take it out side and soak it good and let it sit till drains. about a week ago I purchased Palm fertilizer to see if this helps but I think its to soon to see a counter act. I purchased an electric soil tester and try to keep the needle at green under ideal mark.

I have already cut 3 medium size leafs due to browning, and one of the Large ones is starting go. please help

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It looks like a Majesty palm to me.
Most types of palms like fairly high humidity so the plant may currently be in shock, so I would recommend daily misting along with using a humidifier.
Also, how much light is it getting and is it next to any heat or air vent or any type of drafty area?
Do Not use fertilizer in winter. You want the plant to go dormant this time of year.
It may also be naturally shedding its fronds.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

It need lots of light and i agree, it is in shock!!

They also have a bad habit of picking up spider mites inside, so watch for that. Palms need a good adjustment period when they come in for the winter. Don't be surprised if you lose more fronds. Is you soil fast draining? If not, then i would let it dry out fairly well if it is moist. In the spring, you can change the soil to a fast draing mix and when you water, it wont hold so much water. Keep it from drafts, but mostly try and give it as much light as possible. Even a few grow lights will help ( im talking cheap little ones to help it get thru the winter, if you didnt want to buy expensive ones..)

Hope this helps!!!


I love plams too! ;-)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hi, welcome to Gardenweb! What a big, beautiful palm! I would think it's a majesty, too. Taking it outside suddenly can burn the leaves, try to keep it in the shade. But inside it may need more light than you think. It looks like it's growing a lot of new leaves. It's normal for palms to lose a leaf occasionally.

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Thanks everyone for your feedback.

Its definitely not near any vents, and I only take it out on cloudy days from time to time. I do spray mist at least once's a day. I will continue my watering to 1 a week as suggested here too. I will also try to look for a humidifier & glow lights to see if it helps, perhaps it is just the season for the leafs to fall.

Would it be recommendable to get one of those water release gadgets at our local hardware to stick into the soil?

I don't know how true this is, but I was told that the tall leafs take years or so to get that big, hence my desperation to save it after noticing the big one's starting to go.

Thanks, all suggestions appreciated.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

The damage on that leaf looks like sunburn, especially from that angle, but photos can be tricky. Check the bottom of it for spider webbing to be safe. I can't tell from either pic - is that is the bottom leaf of a taller section? If that's where your plant usually sits, it seems too dark (which would make the leaves especially sensitive to much-brighter light outside.) But you could have taken these pics at night, I don't know. Seems like there are no windows nearby.

Hardly anybody likes those watering gadgets. Once per week may be too much or too little. How are you currently gauging whether or not the plant is thirsty?

To be more specific about the leaf size... it takes years for plants to get to the size where their leaves are large, but individual leaves are added to the plant much more quickly than years. A palm growing well is producing leaves faster than it is shedding old ones, which it will do no matter how healthy. That's part of their process of getting taller.

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