Sweetest plant you can own! You have to have one:-) Pic

meyermike_1micha(5)November 5, 2011

This has to be one of the most sweetest plants you can own. They are so easy to grow and the fragrance just fills the air as soon as the sun sets until the sun starts to rise.

A great plant to have when anytime of the year to bring the tropics home:-)

The sweetness is to die for and just makes you feel good all over.

This is Brunfelsia' Lady of the night' and far worth the keep! This is about the 7th time it has flowered since the spring. It seems to flower more than grow for me. Love it.

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Now, if only there was a sweet succulent...or is there?


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Mike, what a beauty!!! And sweet too.
I like its tubular flowers. They're so different.

Do Brunefelsia need lots of light? Humidity? Toni

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Hi Mike!!

I have a few favorites..

Here they are..

Daisy Wilcox Plumeria

Elizabeth Thornton Lemon Drop


Take care,

Laura in VB

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Amazing Plumeria you have there! Excellent photos!


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Beautiful plants! Thanks for sharing.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Mike that is beautiful. I have to look into getting one.

Lura I am soooo jealous. I have had 2 Plummies for many years and they refuse to bloom.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Thanks Chris!!!

You know that im a Plumeria lover... It's really bad!!! LOL!!! Addiction at its finest!!! : )

How is yours doing? I certainly hope it worked out for you!!


They do take time to finally bloom, dont give up on them !! They really are worth the patience and the time. They will finally bloom when you least expect them too!

How long have you had them? What variety?

Take care,

Laura in VB

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Oh Laura! It's a toss up between the very yellow ones and the lighter pink one with the yellow center! I have a passion for yellow flowers on Plumeria! Just beautiful Laura!
Now, how do you keep the thrips and mites off of yours? You have been doing a great job with lovely leaves!

Hi Chris! A sweet succulent? Oh yeh:-)

Toni! Thank you! They LOVE humidity and lots of light but will do just fine in regular household conditions in a south, west, or east facing window. They are so hardy and thrive in their perfect environment come the spring and summer outdoors!


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Laura...Your Plumes are so gorgeous. That fragrance!!
Do you have a variegated variety?

Ironically, I can't smell Hoya blooms, but people who pass by when my Hoyas are outdoors, in blooms say, what's that scent? It's sooo sweet.

Besides Phlox, which are the sweetest-smelling, other fragrant plants are Citrus, Gardenias and Jasmine and Murraya.

Mike, sorry, can't pic one plant..lol. Toni

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,


I do spray them down in the am with the hose. This summer i did treat one time with Bayer 3 in 1 . I have used the FE Spray a few time too! But, for the most part..i just let them do what they want. I haven't had any thrip that i know of but i do have those darn spider mites during the winter sometimes. That is why i know they will appear under the lights. I try to keep up with the inc soap so they will stay away. Last year i had the orange rust..but not this year!! : )

I also like the DW..let me know hat you like!!! : )


Thank you!! You have some real beauties yourself!!!

Love them. A friend of mine says that she wants to get me in Hoyas..LOL...i know they are addictive too! LOL!!!

ANother friend in the Plumie world has some Var. seeds starting. But, i have none and have never seen a var Plumeria, but theyy are out there!!! Hummmmmmm... : )

Loved your pics...thanks for posting!!

Laura in VB

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Laura, I'm NO expert on Plumerias, but I've read and talked to people who allow their Plumes to go dormant in winter.
Which means, removing foliage, and placing in a bag. lol.
It sounds cruel, right? No sun, watering or fertilizers. I wouldn't do it, lol, but thought I'd mention it as an option.

I kept mine going, and you're so right..they are mite magnets. But, if you spray leaves with soapy water, and a few other home-made ingredients, Mites might, lol, steer clear.

Anyway, yours are so pretty. Thanks, too. Toni

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Hi Toni!!!

Thanks for the info...LOL!! II had to let you know that i do take some of mine and give them the "annual haicut" OUCH!!! LOL..and try and put them to sleep for the winter...LOL!! Here is a pic of them not listening to me...they are in a back room and the vents are closed with the blinds closed. This works for me. Some like you had mentioned, like to bare root. But, this works for me. Some of my trees, i keep active during the winter under lights. They are magnets for spider mites and it drives me crazy. They only attack the Plumies... Go Figure?

Anyway..here is a pic that may make you laugh..i kno..i have it bad... : )

Laura in VB

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Laura, I had no idea your Plumes were so tall! It's funny how the one, tall Plume in back is still blooming. It too is yearning for warm temps.

I've never seen Plume's in big pots either.
Yep, you really love these plants..lol.

Why not try spraying your Plumes with a couple drops of dish soap, (not Dawn,) garlic, citrus, and hot pepper. It's all natural, will not harm your beautiful Plumes.

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My God!

Laura, like a bunch of people squashed into a subway car just dying to get out!lololol Toni is right. Look at the one flowering despite it's punishment of cramped spaces and dimmed lights..lol
Your plants are just so amazing behinds the hands of an amazing grower. Bravo!
What is that mix they are in? It's nice.

Toni: Same to you by the way about being amazing at such beautiful plants!
You posted a pic of the Murraya just for me and for all to see since I am in love with that tree! beautiful Toni. I hope mine grows that big someday, or aleast before they bury me.:-0)

Where did you get that Hoya in the first picture? It's beautiful! How old is it?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everybody,


LOL..it like admitting to my addictions!!! LOL..

I would love to have your recipe for the darn mites. Ill do anything to get rid of them. Most of my trees are dormant (trying to.. : ) but, some of my teasured prized beauties are staying active this winter. I want them to continue to grow. But it does come with the cost of those darm critters... Some of my trees are around 7 feet tall. Those will be cut back this spring and i will alternate pruning on some to keep them small without risking seeing the flowers form the older stems. i wanted to post a pic of the top of of of those trees..i didnt get it in the pic..its a seed pod on my Noid Pink..Look funny!!

Thanks for you help Toni!!! id LOVE TO TRY YOUR MIX!! The largest size container that i like to use is a 5 gallon. this spring, i will root prune the large trees and repot. The smaller trees are already potted up and will not need another change for a few years. Hope you like the seed pod.. : )

Hey Mike,

It is crazy isnt it!!! LMAO!!! I am almost embarrassed to show these little ones all crowded in the back room..the funnyy part is, thats not all of them tht are dormant!!! LOL hear are some of the others... oh... the mix that i use on the little ones is the fast draning mix called "gritty mix" Works great!! Love it!!! The other large trees will be root pruned this spring and i will change to the 4-3-2 ration for the mix.

Here are some pics for you... LOL I kno...its bad...LOL

Some that i will keep active in the gritty mix..

Makaha Sunn

Jeannie Morsgne

Taj Mahal with the second inflo this summer..i hope it will open soon!!!

Hawaiian Flag

Thorton Maverick (left) Cerise (right) Pepper in the center!!! : )

Take care,

Laura in VB

can u point me in the direction for Plimies annony...LOL!!!

: )

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My Laura! Now I can't beat them flowers..lol Look at your dog looking as content as I would be sitting out there in the nice warm sun and nice plants!

I have never seen a seed pod before! That looks way too cool. I love it.
By the way, Toni's recipe does work if you are consistent with it. I tend to get lazy and they just come back. It's funny, no matter what plant I have, I can manage to keep all plants pest free but it is always a struggle with these! Thank goodness they can handle dark corners and baldness all winter.

Have a great day and hello Toni!


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OMG, Laura, lol. Plumes Anon definately. j/k of course.

The trunks are so thick! And growing strong this time of year...?

Your area is so sunny. Sun, is it hiding, east?? lol

HELLO Mike. How's the foot? Hope it's not giving you problems, especially w/this cold..if it's cold there.

Mike, I get lazy too, like last winter..And remember what happened? A few of my plants got Mealy!!! I can honestly say it's been over 15 yrs since one of my plants definately had Mealy..Killer Bugs. Yuck, and disgusting, too.

Which Hoya do you mean? Hindu Rope or Multiflora?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Hi Mike!!

Pepper does like to sunbath out on the deck!!! LOL..i have never seen a dog that wants to go outside so he can lay down in the sun..he loves it!!!

That seedpod looks crazy doens't it? I had a few this summer, but my son came home from college and brought his black lab and his tail knocked off a few from the named varities..left the Noid seepod..GO figure!! LOL

I did have a few seedpods on my DR's one opened and looked amazing...ill post if you havent seen a DR seedpod open. I thought it was beautiful!!!

Hi Toni!!!

I would love to have your recipe for the spidermites... if you dont mind sharing that with me. It sounds like it could be useful for some of my trees that will stay active over the winter months.

You should see some of the bases on my trees. My Miami ROse has a base of about 3/12 inches across..It is a fat little thing..(big thing !!) : )

The smaller trees in the comtainers are not that wide. But if you look at the crazy group all tucked away in the room together, you can see some trees with thick bases. Some are starting to get to heavy to handle. So they will be pruned this spring.

They are still growing strong besides some of the cold snaps we have had. The ones in the backroom are still active too!

I agree and my hubby definately agrees that i need Plumie help!!! LOL...but i told him there are no openings for me this year..maybe next!!! : ) " I said, no, no no..."

Take care,

Laura in VB
DR Seedpod opened a few weeks ago

This is the pod before it opened...

One more..

Take care,

Laura in VB

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Toni,

How much of the garlic and other ingredients do you put in your soap mixture? I'd really like to try this..If you dont mind sharing? Thanks.. : )

Happy Thankgiving!!!

Laura in VB

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey MIke,

I wanted to let you know the "Little Rosa" is starting to form buds!!! That is so exciting!!! Thanks again... : )


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Laura, I've been meaning to write ingredients to rid Mites. Sorry, I didn't get to it sooner. Everytime I was about to, something came up. :)

I've used this recepie so many years, I no longer measure. But, adding a little more of this or that won't harm a plant.
That is, all but Fish Emulsion. I'll get to that.

The night before spraying, I fill (about 3/4ths full) a 16-20oz spray bottle w/warm water and add 1-2 cloves of peeled garlic.

Following Day:

1/4-1/2 teas Hot Pepper.
2-4 drops Dish Soap, 'Not Dawn.'
1/4-1/2 teas orange/lemon/lime or grapefruit juice.

As a preventative or to kill Scale, and some other types of insects, 1 capful of Fish Emulsion.

Mix thoroughly before spraying plants. Spray under and upper leaves, stems, and trunk.

This mix can be kept for weeks, but shake the bottle so ingreients are even.

Fish Emulsion:

To prevent/kill Scale, in addition to above ingrdients, I add 1 cap of Fish Emulsion.

WARNINGS: Leftover insecticide w/FE should be discarded.
Fish Emulsion has a fishy odor. The smell can last 1-3 days.
Although I'm not thrilled about the odor, I'd rather deal with it a few days, than find Scale on my plants.
Since FE is organic there's no need to worry about inhaling or pores. It's totally harmless, won't burn roots/leaves.

BTW, use a new or well-made spray bottle. Old bottles, especially when used frequently, don't work as well, or can drip.

I used to use peeled citrus rind, but the peels clogged up spray bottle. In its place I use citrus juice. Mostly Lemon. The lemon that comes in a yellow plastic, lemon-shaped container. Preferably unsweetened.

The same thing happened w/garlic. I used to chop 1-2 cloves, but pieces clogged sprayer top.
BTW, before adding garlic to water, I squeeze each clove in water bottle so liquid blends in. Toss in squeezed garlic cloves, too.

Hot Pepper. I've been using Cayenne Pepper powder, but any hot pepper will do...the hotter the better.

These ingredients deter and kill Mites. Mites dislike the scents, so they steer clear.

Eish Emulsion prevents and kills Scale. A friend who owns a Citrus nursery in Fl told me they use FE on ALL their citrus to keep Scale away.
Not long after she told me about FE, I ordered an Olive Tree. It was delivered at night. I set it between two Citrus trees. While misting, I noticed a brown lump on a leaf. Taking a closer look, the entire Olive was Scale-packed. Not to mention the closest citrus branches.
I phoned her to get the exact Fish Emulsion dossge. The Olive and Citrus were first isolated then sprayed. Within two days, all signs of Scale were gone. Since spraying, none of my plants had this awful bug. Ever. This happened, I believe, 1999.

That's it. Spraying every other week should keep Mites at bay. (without FE)

BTW, Fish Emulsion is an organic fertilizer. I spray plants w/the complete mixture before coming indoors for winter. Not only to keep insects away, but a last foliar feeding.

If a plant is budding or flowering, don't spray, or refrain from hitting buds and flowers.

Anyway, this recepie works for my plants. Considering the amount of plants I have, and each from diferent nurseries, I either have a Plant Angel or plain lucky..lol.

Give it a try..can't hurt. I avoid chemicals, 'except a few fertilizers.'

Let me know if you decide to give it a try and how it works..Toni

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Toni!!

Thank you so much for all of this wonderful information!!! I cant wait to try this mix and i will definately keep you posted!!

I'm so sorry for the late response, Its been a very busy time here at work and im just plain tired...

Need to read all of the post and reread yours as well!!!

I really appreciate you taking the time...

Thanks Toni!!!


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usha_srinivasan(z5/6 SE MI)

Here are a few of mine.

anthurium, zygocactus, Murraya koenigii (Toni are you watching ? ;), avocado in my kitchen window

Cyperus alterniflolius - bog plant, she sits in a old halloween witches cauldron filled with water.

Angelwing Begonia.

Hope it works !


    Bookmark   November 30, 2011 at 10:45PM
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Ooooh, where to begin or end.

Well, I must say that soem new pics of plants have been added recently and they are all beautiful.

Toni: That was very nice of you to show Laura how to keep bugs away and Laura, you will not be disappointed. It works, that is if you keep it up!@

Toni: Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE that Murraya? I am glad you posted it to give Laura a glimpse of what hers can look like:-)
The foot is hurting today, but not stopping me from walking. Thanks.

Usha: Thanks for getting your pic together. I love that bog plant! I love it.

Laura: I have been away from my computer at home, so I owe you a note, but wanted to say I am thrilled at teh prospect of your little Rosa being loaded with blooms! I will be posting a cutting of mine very soon at the citrus forum and I would like you to add yours there too if you could?
My little one is starting to load up with blooms. You should see the mother plant, that is a different story.lol

Hey Chris. Been under the weather buddy. I will explain later. Hope you are well.

    Bookmark   December 1, 2011 at 3:42PM
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Laura, actually, I'm sorry for the late response. I saw it a while back, but had to get off-line to make dinner. I don't know how many threads I went through before finding yours..lol.

Give it a try..like I said, nothing is harmful, and it's not too much work, but mostly kills mites.

Mike, you're welcome. I didn't see Laura's post saying she had a Murraya, and I don't want to sound like the voice of doom, but my tree was purchased in 1999. It took two years before the first buds.
When kept in the upstairs bedroom in winter, the scent was ammazing..Similar to Citrus, but sweeter and 10 times stronger.

Only draw-back is when flowers fall. Still, felled, faded blooms are worth picking up. Toni

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