kirkus(5a)July 1, 2011

Here are a few finds that I placed by my potting bench. The Carnation milk box ($2 at an estate sale!) is for storing soil. I use the little pitcher for watering plants. It was free from neighbors when they moved away. I love the broom (50 cents at a garage sale) and use it often, and the barrel was a gift from my brother, my garden junk enabler! :o) ENJOY! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Very nice. I like all those things.


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That barrel has just the greatest patina on it, wonderful memory of your brother, the pitcher looks like it belongs on it. Were the Carnation boxes at customers homes to put deliveries in? I remember seeing them somewhere. I love old brooms. My 2 favorites are from 1960's. 1 is an ice scraper & brush on other end to clean your windshield of snow. I use it for cleaning the street gutter in front of my house. Brush used to a 8 in.long x 2 in. wide bristles & I've had to cut it off couple of times(whole thing was 24 in long). Sure would like to get another 1. Son said they don't make them like that any more. It gets all the junk out that regular broom doesn't,they didn't do best job of resurfacing street & so little space that collects junk. Anyone have 1? Anyway nice addition to your potting bench area, Kirk! Jan

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What a neat grouping. My fave is the carnation box. I'm jealous on that one!

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pretty cool treasures but I am really liking that Carnation box - that is super neat .....


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Marlene Kindred

Cool!!! Love the Carnation box! And your broom will work great for Halloween too!

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Yup, that Carnation box is a winner! If you come across one of those glass milk jugs, that would be a cool addition to your potting bench nearby. Here's a pic of my milk bottle w/creamer part on top (& spoon for dipping cream):

And here' a full view:

So I LOVE your Carnation box & all the 'treasures' nearby! TFS! Jeanne S.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Great collection. Wonderful idea to use the milk box to store soil.

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Love the way you have it arranged.
Looks great...

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