More 'Bloomin' Lilies' w/Garden Junk

jeannespinesJuly 6, 2011

The Lilies are really poppin' & it is a fun time of the yr...weeds galore, hot dry summer now ...but still enjoyin' the beauty of all the work!

Here's the Lily garden (again) w/old wagon wheel & milk separator w/German Ivy in's on the backside of the old fence in the Lily Garden (now 2 yrs old)...dug & dug Lilies in Fall '09:

And here's a full view pic w/more Lilies blooming...& the birds are lovin' the birdhses, too!

Another Lily by the pond garden ...& I love the 'nostalgia' of this cement fisherboy who has sat at our ponds for about 10 yrs...former life at DH's parents' yard:

TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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marylee_2010 have beautiful lilies in your garden. I love everything. Thank you for sharing.


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Such a beautiful setting, Jeanne. And I love how much history the little fishing boy has. Too bad he can't talk!

hugs, Karen

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how lovely

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How cute!! Love the fishing boy and the story behind him.

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Marlene Kindred

Your lilies look so great! And I love the color of the daylily rich looking!

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Beautiful! Love all of it!

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

Jeannie everything looks so peaceful and pretty


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I love everything...especially the little birdhouse section. Are those smaller ones functional or just for decoration. (i hope this isn't a totally dumb question:) )


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erin...all the birdhses are functional...that gray small one on the post under the wind turbine has been outside for about 10's old barnwood w/metal roof. The red barnwood one has wrens in it this yr & the Colonial one ($10) I bought thrift shopping & we took a pattern from it & made 2 more. The tri-floor Condo on the tall post has been occupied, too! Glad you enjoyed pics! Jeanne S.

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