Question for all you bottle tree experts..

diggery(z8)July 5, 2012

FINALLY wore the dh down & my bottle tree will be 'planted' by this weekend. Woo hoo! But there are (ahem) *conditions*. It must be small, uniform in appearance and all blue. (Okay...I can work with that:)

Anyhoo, my tree will be constructed with a round fence post & 8" gutter nails using ONLY blue beer bottles. My question is about the spacing of the nails/bottles. (remember, its gotta be uniform in appearance) *see digger rollin eyes here*

I tend to fly by the seat of my pants & just go with what looks good - it's all visual with me. However, dh has decided to do this while I'm at work - meaning WITHOUT SUPERVISION (scary). He's asked me for specific measurements...

It's only in the last couple yrs he's started to get involved in I don't want to discourage him. I'm thinking a round of four bottles with the following row offset 6 to 8 inches below that. Will that work? Arghhh.... I need to SEE it, touch it, feel it. I canNOT do this in my head. Helpppp!!!

The clock is ticking. *sheesh* I hear my g-ma saying, 'be careful what you pray for' LOL

blessings & thanks in advance,


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texann(z8 Austin)

Digger, I had to chuckle when I read your message. That sounds so like conversations with my engineer hubby when we approach a new project. I just went out and looked a one of my bottle trees. The "nails" are at 45 degree angles to the post and there are four in each row equally spaced around the post. The offset rows are 4 inches below the row above it. Allows you to use lots of bottles and looks better with the smaller (beer) bottles. Good luck with your project. If you don't have a lot of bottles only add nails to the top third of the post it will look like a bouquet. If you add nails to more of the post it will look more like a tree with branches. Hope that makes sense.

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Thanks, texann, for the info & quick reply. Makes perfect sense. Good to know the 4" row spacing will work, made that adjustment in my plan.

When I stared my Secret Garden couple yrs ago, hubs suddenly jumped in with both feet. Prior to that he'd always just shake his head at my gj projects. Anyhoo, the end result in no way resembles my sketch. Let's just say there's nothing *secret* about it and leave it at that, shall we? *chuckle*

Thanks again for your help.


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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I can't wait to see it!

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