New houseplants not labelled in store :(

jszymborskiNovember 4, 2010

I have a really fantastic local nursery that sells starter houseplants for about $3 each -- they survive, some thrive -- they're great. However, they're all merely labelled "house plant" in-store. I've gotten some rather unsatisfactory advice as to what they might be from other areas on the internet, but I thought this might be the most direct.

Above the picture I have listed what I think they MIGHT be. I'm also fairly new to houseplants -- any advice would be appreciated. I love my indoor garden!

#1. Almost positive that this is a gold dust dracena.

#2. Parlor palm? Butterfly palm? Something else?

#3. Variegated hoya plant, or hoya Krimson Queen? And what's the difference? This one hasn't done much.

#4. Not a clue.

#5. Again, not a clue, but I love this one.

So, what do I have?! Thanks!

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1. Gold Dust Dracaena

2. Your palm does resemble a Parlor palm (Chamaedorea elegans) but sometimes it's hard to tell palm ids when small.

3.Hoya carnosa "Krimson Queen" is a variegated hoya...

Pilea (Moon Valley)

Looks like, Hedera helix ivy

Billy Rae

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Thanks! Guess I misinterpreted the term "variegated hoya." Any suggestions on special care? I'm wondering if my pots are the proper size to encourage growth.

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I can only tell you how I take care of the ones I have, or had...

The palm does well in bright indirect light/dapple light, and a little sun before going down is ok too. Keep the soil on the moist side at all times, not soggy wet. Mine gets watered once a week, sometimes I can skip a few days more, or even a week more if the top feels moist enough.

The Krimson queen, bright southern light from behind a sheer curtain, or some direct sun. Water well when completely dry down by the drainage hole.

The ivy I used to have did well in bright indirect light. Water well before it dries out too much and sulks. Keep an eye out for spidermites, mites LOVE ivies and they can easily swing over to other plants and infest them as well.

As for pot size, I like to have about an inch of room between the root-ball and inside of the pot. Your soil looks to be a little heavy which can cause root rot. The ivy pot looks a bit large to me in the picture.

You want well draining soil for all your plants to avoid rot. Adding something like "Perlite" (a handful or more) depending on the size of the pot, will help lighten the soil, making it more airy for better drainage.

Billy Rae

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The ivy's are Hedera Helix...
Green is Hedera 'Algerian Ivy'..Variegated is Hedera 'Algerian Ivy' canariansis or simply 'Variegated Canary Ivy.'
Canary is my favorite Ivy. Toni

PS...Howdy Billy

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Potted plants grow best when they are moderately potbound, more specifically about 80% roots to 20% soil ratio. Yours look to be a bit overpotted. A good rule of thumb is that the soil should dry out appropriately following a thorough watering within a week or less. If it takes longer, then the pot may be a bit too large than ideal.

~Will Creed, Interiorscaper

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Be sure to keep the Parlor Palm and the Ivy in a place where the air is not dry or they may be attacked by spider mites.

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