Need Help - Front Lawn revamp! ATX

wakko(8)March 1, 2012

So i'm now that neighbor with a disgusting lawn in Austin, TX. It's driving me nuts and with the drought last year it was tuff to do anything. I want to do something about it yet still looking semi lush and being drought tolerant.

What type of grass is good in zone 8? I've been reading and it looks like bermuda or zoysia is the way to go in this zone. I will post a picture later, but there are 2 fairly large trees and the st augustine that was alive did well under it, but the sunny sides died off. now i'm almost full of thistle weeds.

Is it difficult to plant from seed? I'd imagine it would take a lot of work.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

You may as well leave the St Aug under the trees since it did well. The rest you can convert to bermuda. It will blend at the edge of the shady areas. Both will try to invade the other, so I hope your not a stickler for perfection.

You can seed bermuda. Wait until late May to get started. Bermuda seed needs hot soil to germinate. TexasWeed will be along to help you pick a seed.

You'll probably want to rent a verticutter (also known as a power rake, slit seeder, or ). They have vertically cutting blades that can be lowered to below the soil level. I'd take it to the soil level. Rip through everything and blow it into a compost pile. Then seed and roll it down. Water it 3x per day, every day, for 2-3 weeks until you think you have 80% germination. A month later you'll have a bermuda lawn. But wait until late May to even think about it. I know all you can find in the stores right now is bermuda seed, but it is waaaay to early.

Zoysia needs as much water as St Aug to look good. If you let it languish, it will go dormant on you and only come back the following spring. Bermuda, on the other hand, will spring back at the first hint of rain or fog.

Find the Bermuda Bible on the Internet. Read and heed.

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It doesn't look like they've lifted the watering restrictions yet, we're still on stage 2. However, if they do not lift the restriction how would i be able to water 2-3/day?

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