What's wrong with my money tree?

ShazdehNovember 29, 2012


I have a relatively large money tree for about 1 year. I moves 4 months ago and since then she is not doing well. Leaves are getting yellow and dropping one after another (see photoes). New place is getting less light than the previous one. I think I also over water the tree, water quickly drains as soon as I give water. How much water is ok for this size money tree? Please help, how can I save my tree? She had a lot more leaves, now has a little, see photo.


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when lighting changes for a money tree,whether its more or less ,will drop their leaves and replace them with new leaves. Since your new place has less light, the old leaves will likely be replaced by fewer and smaller leaves

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

It needs more light.
Can you move it closer to a window? And by 'closer,' I mean right against.


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A year is a long time to be in one pot, when you mentioned the fast draining I'm wondering if the plant has become root bound. if you let the soil go dry, you can try to ease the plant out of the pot to see how tightly packed the roots are.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Many things can and do cause leaf abscission (shedding). Reduced light intensity or duration, over/under-watering, tight roots, an excessively high level of soluble salts in the soil, insect infestation, disease, sudden chill ...... Usually an increase in light intensity doesn't cause shedding unless it's a very significant increase, and a reduction in the photo load causes fewer and LARGER leaves - not smaller. I agree that it needs more light, but the probability there are factors other than light in play that are contributing to the plant's decline are high, especially since you already suspect that you're over-watering.

The best way to care for your plant is to identify and address cultural conditions that are less than ideal. IOW - eliminate the limiting factors, starting with those most likely to be limiting. For you, I would guess those most important to be light levels and the combination of soil choice and watering habits.


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