jasmine sambac trouble blooming

mpetrizzleNovember 15, 2010

I have a Jasmine Sambac that is facing a south window in my house, it gets plenty of sun and i try to feed it every once in a while. The problem is, my jasmine always has flower buds on it, but just as the blossoms look like the are about to open, they all shrivel up and die. this keeps happening and i dont know why. I mist it regularly but the room is very dry. any advice one what i could do

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How many hours of sunlight does it get?

How warm are your temps?

Which state are you located in?

What kind of mix do you have it in and what how often do you have to water?


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I am in wisconsin (zone 5). The jasmine gets at least 6 or more hours of sunlight a day, and my room is fairly warm, I'd say 72 degrees F during the day. I water it whenever it seems dry, so a few times a week. The soil is basically just dirt you'd find outside,I give it a weak fertilizer every once in a while though.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sounds like a lack of humidity problem to me.

I'd set the pot on a pebble tray & then when watering, water to overflow such that the pebbles are in water but the pot is ON TOP OF the pebbles, not in the water. That will help.

If it's a long time since the plant was repotted or the soil was refreshed, could the rootball be hardening?

If so (or you feel it was a long time since new mix was added) take a stick & poke some holes straight down into the rootball from the top. Then when you water, water into these holes, helping to ensure that the water actaully gets down into the rootball (rather than the water go btwn the side of the rootball & the side of the pot, leaving the cental part of the rootball unwatered).

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