Bermuda vs. crabgrass!

Md_mike(7B)March 16, 2012

I seeded my yard last year, and had generally good results. However I had several large areas where the crabgrass was so dense that the bermuda seed never had a chance. This picture shows some of the browned out crabgrass along the bulkhead last November while the bermuda was still sort of green. The larger area extends about 12 feet into the yard. This area is larger than the picture looks!. Now these crabgrass areas are all dead and/or bare with possibly some very small patches of bermuda.

I recently put down Dimension to stop the crabgrass this spring, but how do I get new bermuda growth in these areas? Seeding in June like I did last year will be the same time I need to put down pre-m again or back comes the crabgrass! Will the existing grass fill in these large bare areas this summer if I keep the pre-m barrier down? I am new to bermuda and hear that it spreads like crazy, but these are some quite large areas to fill in. There are other areas in my yard that are similar to this picture.

Any words of wisdom or better ideas would be appreciated.

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Simple follow the Bermuda Bible.

It will take hard work mowing twice a week, keep it watered, and fertilize once every 30 days.

Get religious and honest on it, and the enemy crabgrass will not stand a chance. No compromises.

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Thanks, TW. Are you saying not to bother trying to re-seed the bare areas and let the bermuda do it's thing? Will these areas fill-in over the summer?

Appreciate all your input! Will be following your guidance in the Bermuda Bible this year.

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Get you some pr-emergence like Barricade or Dimension down for this season, then do proper maintenance this year on the Bermuda. The Bermuda should recover and get really thick and healthy.

What height are you maintaining at? If you maintain the Bermuda too high it thins and allows weeds to invade. Keep it short, watered, and fed and it will form a dense carpet. Once you have really healthy Bermuda, weeds do not stand much of a chance. For weeds to cycle, they must reach maturity to develop seed heads. Keeping the Bermuda short, and you keep chopping the weeds heads off. That weakens them and prevent them from maturing. They eventually die off and that is the last you will see of them.

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If you pound the lawn with Nitrogen all summer long - it will spread and fill in all the crabgrass spots...

As TW says - be prepared to mow.... a lot...

Also - be prepared to be chopping Bermuda out of the lake, your dock, and off your house when it hits it's growth.... ;)


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Jeeze, John! You make it sound like kudzu. Oh wait. Nevermind.

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