Money Tree - Nonstop Yellowing Leaves

PachiraNovember 27, 2012

Had my money tree for 2.5 years now and was growing healthy and strong. But recently my Money Tree leaves are gradually beginning to yellow from the bottom up since early September

I usually place the plant in direct sunlight in the early morning, and indirect sunlight after 8am for rest of the day before leaving for work. It sits in a southern window. In summer, I water twice every week. Winter, I water every week to two weeks. I live in Northern California. My soil drains well, as every time I water, water would leak out from the bottom in seconds. I fertilize once every 2 months or so, with Mulch layer on top.

Pot depth is about ~6 inches, diameter is ~6 inches. My plant from pot bottom to top is almost 2ft tall.

I re-potted the plant and checked to see if there are any root problems or if soil is too wet, and I didn�t see any problems. The soil is pretty moist half way down, and there are about 4-5 small earthworms on the bottom, not sure if they affect it much. I also checked the leaves and branches for bugs, and found none. I re-pot it into a bigger pot and new manure soil. But the problem still persists 3 weeks later. Any ideas why?

Had the same problem in the past autumn/winter months, but nowhere as severe, but problem was gone once spring time kicked in around early March. Could it just be a seasonal phase?

Several photos of my money tree. Thanks in advance.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

If I had to play the odds, the hands-down favorite would be that you are over-watering and the soil composition and probably soil volume is a significant contributing factor. Second favored probable cause would be a high level of soluble salts in the soil due to the manure or possibly fertilizing/watering habits. We'd probably need to do some talking/exploring in order to be reasonably sure what the issue really is, but figuring it out with a good deal of certainty shouldn't be too difficult.


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

If it has earth worms, good chance soil is too moist.

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Never use fresh Manure..It can burn roots.

You are talking about Manure that comes in large bags mainly used for outdoor gardens, right?


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It seems to be pretty normal for Pachira aquatica to drop its leaves and grow new ones in place when lighting conditions change- so its likely partially due to just seasonal variations. I would guess using manure soil would be too strong especially if you are fertilizing every two months. The soil may be too wet if their are earth worms as someone mentioned. Additionally some plants are not adapted to deal with earth worms in the soil, however i am not sure if Pachira aquatica is like that. I would re-pot with a good potting soil and add a drainage medium like pertlite to the soil, and I would remove the earthworms just to be safe.

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