Blue Bottles

lindasewandsew(So Cal 9)July 14, 2012

Finally took some photos of the yard, a work in progress with a long way to go.

These bottles come from a lot of places, including a couple of recycling places that will trade straight across for same size bottle. Linda

These bottles are waiting for a home.

In the manzanita bushes.

In the arbor.

In the redbud tree.

In a wine rack.

On old wrought iron fence pieces.

On pieces of old daybed frames.

And anything else that will hold a bottle!!

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I love all that you have done! Wish I had more trees/places to hang things. Makes me want to run right out and cut up some of the day beds that I have so I will have 'spikes' to put bottles on. Can't tho--we are have thunder storms today. I do have one small wine rack that has some bottles on it but would love a large one like you have.

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Wow...I could spend dayssss there just admiring your creations! How you keep up with it all? TFS


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Marlene Kindred

Well, it looks like blue bottle heaven to me!! WOW! What a collection you have and so many different styles too. Love the ones hanging in the trees and the ones in the wine rack...very creative Linda!

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WOW Just love it all!!

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What a beautiful blue heaven. So many trees and places for the bottles to shine. Thank you for sharing. Jlily

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Thinking the same thing as jlily here ...humming, 'My Blue Heaven...' One thing I am wondering...doesn't it ever rain in CA! LOL! Those bottles must be doing alot of 'talking' in the wind after a rain.

That wood fence you created is still looking GRAND! & I love the blue bottles in the iron fence along it! Wine racks, too ...oh everything is just singing, "My blue heaven." TFS, sewandsew! Jeanne S.

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lindasewandsew(So Cal 9)

Thank you for the nice comments.

There are only a few trees in the yard, the western redbud which is in 3 of the photos, a medium size Australian bottle brush and a large pencil tree on the slope. The bottle brush can hold a few wine racks, but the pencil tree is useless for hanging because it has caustic sap and breaks easily. The lower shrubs with the twisted branches are manzanita shrubs. We cut the bottom leaves and small branches out a few years ago to make them look better. The bottles on them are very close to the ground. The bottles get hung on whatever will support them. The brown branches with the canister lids hanging is an old hunk of manzanita bush that my nephew brought over and installed. I guess any sturdy old tree would last awhile to hang stuff on.

I started adding wire to hang them in the redbud tree and a couple other places, but still like to put them upside down on rebar or anything else that will support them, partly because when it rains, all the right side up ones will have to be tipped to empty the water. Otherwise the water will get stagnant and look awful, not to mention those pesky mosquitos who find me very attractive, lol.


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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

Linda, just what I need I took down my bottle trees, trying to figure out where to put them again, unfortunately, they are not all blue bottles, probably need some from my friend again; Maybe you and June can come and visit again, hee hee! Like the wine rack idea!

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Linda, If you spray paint the bottle caps cobalt blue and glue (GE II)them on the upright hanging bottles you won't have to empty them...The couple of bottles that I hung, have a small hole in the cap, and wire for hanging through the cap. One of those 'hanging' wires has beads on it, wire wrapped aroung the bottle and more beads at the bottom. For some reason, copper wire and pipe here does not 'patina' and just turns brown. The bottles were much prettier when the wire was copper colored-Grin.

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lindasewandsew(So Cal 9)

Nice to see you posting Nana. Maybe a couple of us can visit again in the near future. Going to your house was a real treat. Check around your recycling places to see if they'll give or trade straight across for blue bottles. The ones here aren't allowed to take any money, but a soda is a good no money gift. You could also start drinking heavily, lol. Ask local restaurants to save them for you. Bottles seem to look nice whether you use single or multiple colors. Just hang them on anything that will hold them, or line them up in a row, or even not in a row.

Nona, Thanks for the great suggestions. I thought about corks, but don't have many. There must be some copper wire, and at least a few thousand bottle caps laying around in this pile of stuff/aka cr@p, lol.

I took the grandkids out to Elmer Long's Bottle Tree Ranch in Oro Grande, California yesterday. There's so much to see and he's still building them. The kids were happy to meet him and see all the 'stuff' on the trees. It's a great place to see, like walking through a bottle tree forest. Follow the link below the photo to see more of his place. Also, search Google Images for more great photos of it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Elmer Long's Bottle Tree Ranch

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Your "Blue Heaven" is Heavenly!! Love all those blue bottles. You mentioned corks, I "found" my 2 blue bottles, they are square bottomed & very heavy, not for hanging so I did put corks in them. Well, they were under the dirt where gophers had a ball & full of muddy water, so I will have to put Saran wrap over the openings & then put the corks in so they don't get such a mess. Think I will set them up on the brick BBQ so they don't get buried again. That Elmer has quite a collection! Wonder about the rifles, guess if he wants to let off steam he can always shoot up some bottles!!LOL Jan

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I went to the bottle tree ranch link, ( I had seen pictures of his ranch before)and was pleasantly surprised to see pictures of JT there too. That made me want to 're-live' those escapades, so I went to the conversations side, typed in 'JT' in the search box at the bottom of the page, and re-read some of those interesting places she went. Thanks for the reminder.

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cnm1(6 Oh)

Wow that is pretty amazing!!! I also love the Hallmark sign!!!

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