How to Prevent Rust Disease in Kentucky Blue

Tommyc(Mich 5-6)March 30, 2014

Every late summer I battle Rust Disease here in SE Michigan. I need to nip it in the bud this year..."Before it Starts"! What can I do... and when. I see the granule fertilizer like granule stuff in the stores. I need 15.000 sq feet. The problem isn't lack of fertilizing. I fertilize 4 times a year, Easter, Memorial day, 4th, and then labor day here in Michigan. The sub I live in used to be a golf course I believe it started there. I've used the Bayer Spray stuff when I'm aware its started, but I'm doing it every couple weeks and its apparent I'm not getting it all and it starts again the following summer. Please, need some good suggestions.

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andy10917(NY 6a)

First of all, your fertilizer program is front-loaded when it should be back-loaded -- 2/3 of your fertilizer should be in the Fall. Memorial Day, August 15th, mid-September and when the grass stops growing (a few weeks after first frost) is a better schedule, and weed pressure is reduced too. If you use chemical/synthetic fungicides, the Rust will often return the following year. Google "Proactive Biofungicide Program" and you'll find a program that uses nonchemical biological fungicides that will break the cycle. I haven't had a single fungal outbreak in the five years I have been doing the program.

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