A Few Front Yard Photos

lindasewandsew(So Cal 9)July 14, 2012

There used to be loads of junk in the front yard. A few yard sales later, some is gone and some has a home. It still needs more work, but is getting better all the time. Linda

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ooh I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your yard

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bigack(z6 WV)

Meeeee tooooooo!!!!! Seriously. Love those tall thin clay pots along the fence, where did they come from? So cool.

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That is a beautiful passion vine!
I love vines, but they 'get away from me'
and go really wild-then I don't like them so much.
The wine cooler pots are great. But it you can't
find those, drain tiles turned on end would work.
Like the hanging blue lids too.

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Everything looks great!!tfs. I love the red!!!

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Marlene Kindred

C-O-O-L!! You have SO much to look at...love the red too! And the passion vine is the most beautiful I've ever seen!

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What a beautiful yard! I have enjoyed looking at everything-so much to see.

The red Passion Flower is great. I'v e never seen a red one before.

TYFS Jlily

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OMG !!! Your yard belongs in a magazine !!! Besides all the wonderful things you have ... I can see hours and hours of work & upkeep. It's a labor of love . Your yard is a magical place for sure :)

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WOW! Lots of progress ...ok, everyone said so much of what I could say ...but also ~~~LOVE all the terra cotta & all the succulents & all the red & all the blue & your original 'license' birdhouses & others, too! ...

Plus that lovely, lovely brick path from your recycling ...the curves...would love to stroll & admire all this front yard work!!! And the ironworks...the windmill...sculptures, everything! Just WONDERFUL! TFS, sewandsew! Jeanne S.

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lindasewandsew(So Cal 9)

Thank you for all the nice comments. The pots along the front fence are terra cotta wine coolers. They're called wine bricks by the places that sell them. The theory is that you wet them, put the wine bottle inside and it keeps the correct temp by evaporation. I don't drink wine, so just drill and plant them. It took a long time to find that many. They show up at thrift stores and yard sales sometimes. They're sitting on cd racks from a Blockbuster Video store that closed nearby about a year ago. They threw hundreds of them in the dumpster, so of course some ended up here, lol.

I also have some of the clay drain pipes sitting around waiting to be 'planted' around the bottom of the tree in the front yard.

The red passion vine is a typical vine. The greatest thing about vines is that they're rampant, which is also the worst thing about vines. Hmmmm. It gets away from us every year, so I just keep trimming off to keep it within bounds.

The yard has a loooong way to go, but I decided that waiting for it to be finished would mean that it might never be posted here. I cleaned up about half the long planter today. It's so much fun to keep dragging pots home that they just keep piling up from yard sales, curbs and dumpsters.


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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

Wow Linda you have really been working and using all your neat finds, just love it, my succulants are doing great! Thks so much!


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Love your "red" area especially the planted red container on the old BBQ & the birdhouses & your neat paths. Could spend all day just looking around at all the fun things in your yard. TFS Jan

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LOVE it all. I think the smiley squirrell is just too cute. And the red is awesome

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Hi Linda,I just love your yard.Red is my fav color.I intend to collect some of those succulents.Seems they will be a good plant to explore in our severe drought conditions.I am kicking myself for passing up a red passion vine at a center one time. Really gorgeous & I could have wintered it in my greenhouse.The birdhouses are cute. Have to get my other half to make some more.I looked at your pictures one day & came back & looked some more. It is this kind of place.
Ha,my screen name is sewNsow in another forum

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Linda,as usual"you done good girl".i also love all the red,the b'houses and of course the succulents.I have some pots of succulents sitting on top of some of those big terra cotta "sewer pipes",think that's what they are used for,and another good size pipe tat someone told me was used when installing pools.
TFS your goodies with me.

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Great photos......great garden! I don't believe a garden is ever "done", it just keeps evolving! TFS Carol

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I can't believe I haven't posted about this as I am soooo in love with it!!! I am gleaming tons of ideas!!!! I'm glad it is still here on the first page!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I love love love your yard! You make me jealous that you live in CA in a way no one I've visited there does! I just can't do that in my NH yard with snow and shoveling and leaves to rake etc etc.
Wow. It is so creative and artistic.

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