pre-emergent herbicide

lainey_6b_va(z 6b VA)March 27, 2008

I could not find Scott's pre-emergent herbicide that I have used in the past so I called the 800 number on the bag. They said the Halts pluss two was a Pre-emergent herbacide, but the label says it contains 2-4D. That is not a pre-emergent chemical is it?

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No. It is a brodleaf weed killer, the "weed and feed" stuff. Look for the halts preemergent(no fertilizer) or the turf builder with crabgrass preventer in it.

I put down the halts(no fertilizer) on my bermuda when it is still dormant and then fertilize when it is about 60-70% green. I use another brand of fertilizer, though.

What exactly do you use for your preemergent?

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I ordered a 4lb bag of Tupersan, selective pre-emergent from the local Farmer's Co-Op. It's a liquid based solution (after mixing it with water, of course) and that little 4lb bag treats up 1.33 acres so I'm sure it's going to last me the rest of my natural life with my 4000 sq. ft. of total lawn.

What I really like about it though is the fact that it's a selective pre-emergent and you can spray it right onto your grass-seed when renovating. Or so I've been lead to believe...

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jimtnc(7b Raleigh tttf)

lainey_6b_va - you need to get that pre-m down fast. You may miss the weed prevention window and have to control weeds the rest of the summer if you don't act quickly. Any pre-m will work now...doesn't have to be Halt's, but if you can find it, fine. I get mine at Lesco, HD, home and garden/nurseries, etc.

Also, if you can only find it with a fertilizer combo, that will work too, but is has to have "crabgrass preventer" or something similar on the bag (ex: Dimension/Balan/Team Pro). Also if you have fescue or bluegrass and can only find the weed and feed combo, I wouldn't do it but one's getting a little late now for fertilizing. NCSU recommends not fertiling after March 15.

arjo_reich - you say Tupersan comes in liquid form now? I bet that stuff cost you a bundle. I used it before, but it only lasted about 4 weeks.

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jimtnc wrote: arjo_reich - you say Tupersan comes in liquid form now? I bet that stuff cost you a bundle. I used it before, but it only lasted about 4 weeks.

The stuff I'm picking up is a 4lb bag of powdered Tupersan that, when mixed with water, treats up to 1 acre per three pounds, or 1.33 acres per bag. Don't know the actual mixing ratios at this point because I'm not picking it up until Tuesday.

My specific use for it is to spray over the freshly laid KBG seed I'm putting down next weekend. It's selective and won't harm the KBG seed and, because it contains no fertilizers, I don't have to worry about that interfering with the mild starter fertilizer I plan on using.

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I have broadleaf weeds poping up in my lawn now. I'd like to use Tupersan so I can defeat the weeds and plant seed right away however I'm wondering if it's too late.

I could use Ortho as a postemergent but that would delay seeding at least 3 weeks.

Any suggestions?



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Hugheen--Where are you? That makes a difference in the approach you should take.

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