Great Turf farms near DC?

chrisofvirginia(7)March 2, 2012

Hi everyone. Long time reader, first time (but, I'm sure, not the last) participant. I made a serious timing error when I had 8,000 square feet of re-grading done in early December (Manny's Erosion Control, Inc, Manassas. VA - did an awesome job, extremely conscientious, very creative...and reasonable). The local garden center was not optimistic when they sold me seed that they said might germinate and had lowest possible soil temperature tolerable. Well, after a mild winter, not much has come up. I'm hosting a large outdoor wedding next September, so I need great grass quickly. At this point, I don't fell I can risk seeding plus I'm on a water well with limited capacity. I'm thinking of turf. The exposed "soil" is clay so should it put down something before I install the turf? And it there a supplier anyone can recommend. There's not much on-line to help. Settles in Annandale is the only one I know. I've spoken with USA Turf in Manheim, PA. There used to be a huge sod farm in off I-270 in Gaithersburg, but it seems to be gone.

I'm in a jam so any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

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skycopp(Maryland -7a)

Central Sod Farms

Just over on the other side of the Bay Bridge, past Annapolis.

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skycopp(Maryland -7a)

PS: If you do end up buying from Central Sod Farms, please let them know that one of the guys from the rocket club recommended them. The farm lets our club use their fields to launch model rockets and has been for several years. Thats how I knew about them. Thanks!

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mistascott(7A VA)

I wouldn't expect any seed planted between December and now to come up. The soil (despite the mild winter) is way too cool for efficient germination. Spring seeding is not a healthy gamble around here. You definitely want to put down a layer of compost (NutraGreen is a good one) before sodding. You should till it into the existing clay. Grass will grow fine in Northern Va. clay as long as it isn't excessively rocky. If it is Manassas (Culpeper basin) red clay, it will grow fine.

Below are two places I recommend:

Chantilly Turf Farms

Great people.

Also, Woodward Turf Farms out in Remington is good.

Both are pretty convenient to Northern VA.

The most important thing is that you water to the point of excess. April 1 is probably the ideal time to put the sod down as you want to avoid freezing temps yet have enough time (6 weeks or so) to get it established before the heat of summer gets here. Best of luck to you!

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mistascott(7A VA)

Not sure why this isn't posting, but here I go one last time: I am not sure what your watering capability is, but keep in mind that sod has to be saturated with water for 3-4 weeks after installation. This usually means daily watering of at least 2-3 hours. If you can't do this, sod is not the best option.

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Thanks to those who responded. Based largely on the recommendation of a local landscape designer, I ended up using Settles Turf Farm in Annandale. Darius Bly offered an attractive price, provided the installation and, as it turned out, a great result.

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