Very cold tolerant, shade loving, winter flowering plants?

sardonicus(7)November 5, 2011

I've got a room in my house that gets very cold in the winter and as a result gets used very little. I would like to find some flowering plants that can be grown indoors with very little sunlight, that will tolerate the cold and flower in the winter. Any suggestions?

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How cold does the room get and which direction does a window face? Toni

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I'd say at its coldest it gets down around 20 and the window faces east but there are trees around it that limit the sunlight considerably. I do have some little grow lights that I could probably setup to offset the light issue a little.

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I think it'll be tough to find something that will bloom under those conditions.The majority of plants that flower indoors are tropical plants that, while they might survive temps that low, probably wouldn't actively grow during such low temps. Additionally, a lot of flowering plants require high light levels to have the energy to bloom indoors.
That being said, here's what I would try:
Cyclamen is a winter bloomer that prefers cool temps so you could try buying one already in bloom and see if it can survive in there.

If you wouldn't mind a non-flowering plant, the Norfolk Island Pine tends to be tolerant of cool temperatures and shade - but you'd probably want to give it some protection on the nights that the temp in there dips below 25 degrees or so. I think the Norfolk Island Pine is quite handsome even without blooms, and they're commonly sold during this time of year for 'living Christmas trees'

It's kind of a strange idea, but another idea you could try, if you can find any Icicle pansies on clearance, would be to see if they would grow in there.
Pansies definitely flower freely during cold weather (as long as it doesn't freeze) but I'm not sure how they would do indoors and if the light levels in there would be enough. I just mention it because I've experimented on occasions with outdoor annuals as houseplants and some of them do well.
Impatiens also makes a pretty decent houseplant that can potentially bloom indoors, but I'm not sure how impatiens would do with the temperature drops that this room experiences.

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