potting bench bragging rights !!!

Naomi MillerJuly 14, 2010

Hello all, for years and years.......and years, lol, I have been potting up plants on the picnic table, the kitchen table, sitting on the patio.....you get the picture? Well, I have decided that I am going to have a dedicated ME area.... a few years back I TOOK a section of the garage to call my own so that I did not have to store all my garden craft stuff in my closet.... that has worked pretty well, but I want more !!!!!!!!! lol.....

Let me give you an image ..... we live on 9 acres in a rural county and I love it here... have been here for two years now and plan to be buried under that big tree in the front yard, lmao..... we have a large detached garage that houses tools and 'building supplies' etc.....another of those 8x10 'barn' type sheds that houses all the lawn care items and garden tools....and my plan is to build my own 'shed' an the front end of the property where I have my veggie garden ( our house sets about an acre and a half off the road)... I want to make it from old pallets so it will resemble a large outhouse.... or that is the vision today, lol....could end up looking like an English Tudor once I get going, lol..... currently I have an old pick up that I use for hauling feed etc and a huge tool box on the truck that I keep everything I could ever need anywhere in the gardens or yard.... it looks like I am packed to leave home, there is so much in that truck and it is all off limits to anyone else here, lol......

In my new shed, I will have my mantis tiller, hand tools, bamboo poles....all the stuff for the near by veggie garden but also, I want it to house all my potting supplies.....pots, trays, seed starters etc.... all of that stuff is now residing outside next to the grey barn shed and I am tired of pulling through it to find I always want the pot that is on the very bottom of the pile.....so organization is what I am after.....I also want to build a potting bench on the side of this new shed and I would love to see any pics of yours; hand made or purchased , and I would love to hear what you absolutely love about yours and what you would change if you could.....I love building things but I really hate thinking " I should have included ...." as an afterthought...... so give me all your creative energies and all your sage advice because I am so OCD that if it is missing one little thing, I will tear it down and have to come back and write another essay like this one if I do not get the feedback I need this time.....

Just in case threats help, I thought I would throw that in, lol.......

TIA for all your ideas and suggestions..... I am always awed by the things you guys come up with......

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Sound like you really have a PLAN!
Hope others can give you a few more ideas.
I carry things around for stopping to dig,
taking cutting etc in my RAV4. Treat it like
a truck-LOL
Build it large, or you will outgrow it quickly-
that is my experience!

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Here's my potting bench DH built me in 2006. The right height for me to stand & plant, enough room between the boards to let the dirt fall through, a shelf underneath, and though you cant see it, there's a trough that runs most of the length at the back for pots and what-not.
It also doubles as a great outdoor buffet table! And my dog Gizmo loves sunning on the bottom.

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Marlene Kindred

Sounds like you have a grand plan! My DH and I found this bench at the dump a few weeks ago and transformed it into a potting bench for me...love the way it turned out. Maybe you can get some ideas. Good luck and let us see what you come up with!

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Well, here's one more for inspiration, it's not fancy, but it sure was cheap. $1.00 for the bed and the rest came from the curb. We have since added a dry sink with the plumbing removed so the dirt can fall into a bucket below.

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I love all the potting benches! Grandma_cindy, I think your potting bench is very cool and I love that cute chair on it! And Gizmo sure is a cutie.

Good luck on the shed and potting bench, heartzlink. Please post pictures as your plan is completed!

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What a great thread, I may have to get going on a potting bench myself as I just LOVE Marlenes! I bet my Chee-hooa-hooa would curl up on mine too! We also call him(when we don't call him Bad Dog) the alpha-wow-a. Heh heh!

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Here's one my DH & I made in 2008 out of a recycled old door & enamel-top table. Added wood slates under table for stablization & storing pots...and a window box on backside of door for decor.

Here's the backside:

Added this iron hanger for a potted plant:

Things I like about this table is the enamel top so can easily wash it ...more weather worthy here in IA...but the table top has settled & now holds rainwater...so I need to swish it off at times. Recommend having it close to a water source & your garden shed (as mine I must drag a hose to it). The paint did not hold up on the old door ...so must repaint this yr. Still love the overall look of it & use it for potting plants! Jeanne s.


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Naomi Miller

Wow, these are great!! Cindy, yours is huge !! I love it.... I know how I am when I spread out to play and I need all that space, lol...I have a yorkie named Gizmo who might enjoy the sunning space too !! ... and Marlene, yours is so pretty, love the color and all the embellishments....Frou, I love the idea of the bed but I never seem to find the deals you guys do.... my first totem will probably have cost me $50, lol.... I am still collecting for it. I love to reinvent pieces that way... just like Jeanne..... I love the door and the way it commands your attention and it was just calling for that iron plant hanger.....

These are all great, I hope others will keep them coming....

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Naomi Miller

Well hello again, lol..... I am trying to bump this and get some new additions..... also wouldn't it be great to have one place to go and see everyone's potting shed , bench and organizational ideas? I hope this thread might turn into that place.... we started on that pallet shed but I was not happy with it as we went along SOOOOO I went looking for something interesting that was not just another shed .... and I found an old pull behind camper in need of love.... it is like a vintage Scottie or something and UGLY, lol.... it was cheap but I am so looking forward to gutting it and making it mine.... so if anyone has new benches to add or pics of YOUR potting shed to brag about..... let's hear it... if you are shy to share pics then share some organizational ideas that you love..... how often do we get permission to brag? lol...Well now you have it and it will give me somethings to oooo and ahhh over in my spare time....TIA

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TIA, your little camper sounds like a very cool idea! I have seen some set up in adorable vignettes in yards and I love them.

This isn't a potting bench but it is a link to Donna's Funky Junk Interiors' cool shed that she made from an old greenhouse that was covered in plastic. She used the wood from old fencing for the siding. Looks very cool.

Here is a link that might be useful: Funky Junk Interiors Character Outbuilding

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Here's one that my DH built for me. It's great.

There's window screen on the back for hanging tools, a shelf on top and one below. I made the 'flowers' out of faucet handles and wire.

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Naomi Miller

Luna, after working on the pallet shed, I can tell you that Donna put in some work and I am so very jealous of all her vintage signs; they have always been a weakness of mine but the prices usually keep my JUST looking.

Laura, I love your bench; the screen is an excellent idea and I really like the color.... I have a love of old faucet handles and they are far too hard to come by but yours are just the right addition to the bench...

Thanks to everyone for sharing and please keep it up.... potting sheds, potting corners, benches..whatever , I just love seeing all of your imagination ...

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Naomi Miller

Keep em coming; I know that you folks have tremendous potting sheds, greenhouses, benches.... let's just put them all here !!!

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Okay, but you may be sorry you asked!!!! Some of these have been posted previously, but I will include them here since you asked for it :)

My glasshouse:

The back corner which also shows a potting bench I built from leftover building materials:

My potting bench put together from found items on craigslist:

Love all the other colorful potting benches the others have posted!!

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Here's my potting bench. :o) Made from all recycled, garage sale finds... :o)

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Rafor, i absolutely LOVE the glass house. I would nearly kill to get one like it, but my HD wants a boring store bought one.

Kirk, Your bench looks so neat and tidy, unlike mine. Do you ever use it?

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Yep...use it all of the time. :o) Love to get it dirty. :o)

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If you haven't checked out the Garden Junk Inspiration Album, here's lots of ideas in the "wood creations" part...just click on 'slide show' & take a peek! Have fun! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wood pics in the Garden Junk Inspiration Album

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Naomi Miller

WOW!! Rafor, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your glass house; how do you use it, I see it is solid roof so I am guessing not as a greenhouse but it is so amazing .... and Kirk, I will need an exact address but then you must forget you gave it to me so that after your bench comes up missing you will not suspect me, lol.... it is gorgeous....is the ornate gingerbread on front iron or wood...it is stupendous....

Jeanne, I do not know how I missed the wood album on my many sleepless nights of sifting those albums , but I sure did .,... now life would be perfect if you told me that there was one for sheds and greenhouses, lol.....

You guys are amazing; I live in a very rural area so curb shopping doesn't happen here.... in fact, even discarded items at the waster refuse (dump) are not allowed to be 'dug out' once they have been dumpstered.... so unless you catch someone BEFORE they toss an item, there is no getting it back , period..... I am not complaining because after decades of living in suburbia , I am quite happy to be here in the middle of my little 10 acre sanctuary.... but when in suburbia, I had 4 boys to raise and a husband who worked a ton of hours, so never any time to pursue my interests..... I probably missed a lot of good curb stuff in those days....

I am so happy I found this site and you remarkably talented folks ....keep those bragging rights coming, you all deserve them......

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Ditto to everything heartzlink said only mine were 3 boys and one girl. :)
All of your potting benches and greenhouse are/is SWEET! It's fun to see how unique each are and how you all chose to personalize 'em. Any more out there? Off now to check out the wood pics garden junk link jeannespines posted-thanks Jeanne

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jessewo(5 PA)

Several years ago I was lucky enough to get a shed-your basic barn-type, but I was so thrilled! One of the first things we did was brainstorm on a bench for the inside. I don't have a picture & it's too dark now, but here are a few features we used to make it SOOOOO useful.

Height-if you've spent years planting & potting on the kitchen table, your back knows what I mean. The correct height for you makes all the difference!

From the ground up: I got 3 plastic storage totes with lids that fit just right lined up side by side on the floor of the shed between the frame of the bench. These hold my potting mix, compost & such-I just slide them out to access them & slide them back. I think this would also work outside if you find them without a concave lid (don't want to breed those skeeters!)

Above this is a shelf, not a terribly high space, but perfect for some pots, tools, row cover-you get the idea!

On top is the top. It extends 3-4" in front of the frame so that after potting you can just pull your tote forward & sweep the fallen soil back in-easy & tidy! The front edge of the frame being in back of the surface gives you a conveinient place to drive a couple of nails to hold your brush to sweep the dirt with, a dustpan if you need to dispose of the debris, a flyswatter, or anything you'd like to have ready at hand.

Since it's inside a shed with exposed studs, we notched out the rear side of the top to fit around the studs to prevent stuff from falling down behind the bench!

Another cheap tip-2 screw eyes & a piece of dowel that slides into them makes a dandy paper towel holder!

Mine was built of mostly used wood, topped with old rubber conveyor belting & while it is totally functional & not as pretty as some of those you've done, these are features that you could use even on the cuter ones!

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I hope I can be as creative as all of you! We are remodeling a kitchen in a house we recently purchased, and I want a potting bench under an existing deck that is actually a place where the former owner stored his boat.

It is dark on one side because of a retaining wall. The rest is mainly open with lattice openings. We are replacing 6 doors (one glass) in the house, and the entire kitchen cabinets.

I'm hoping to use some of the lower cabinets and that glass door down there. We also have a sink salvaged from another property, so would love to include that in the mix.

I'll post photos later, but all suggestions will be welcome.

Whatever is left, would love a chicken coop!


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Naomi Miller

i am glad to see this has been bumped up again... I am trying to upload a few pics to share but it is my first time posting pics, so please bear with me.... I finally have the interior of my camper almost perfect for my needs and I wanted to share it with all of you.

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