Best way to start lawn over with minimal weeds?

mcintoshmc(9)March 28, 2013

I started my 2400 sq. ft lawn from seed in November. I've used weed and feed, and various other weed killers, but I would say that the lawn is 90% weeds.

I've used Scotts weed identification service, and most of the weeds they identified can only be killed with roundup. The lawn looks terrible as I have large amounts of smooth bromegrass and barley foxtail amongst several other ones.

I want to start over, how can I best do that? But, I want to start over in a way as to kill the seeds before replanting? I'm thinking I wont plant again till Fall, so in the meantime I can focus on the weeds.

What do you think?

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FYI, I'm in Upland, Ca and the there is lots of shade in various points in the day.

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If your lawn isn't getting at least 3 hours of direct sun a day, it's not likely any type of turf grass will grow. Weeds, yes, grass, no.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I'm sorry to see your lawn did not take. Before you get into a renovation, what do you think the problem was that it did not work the first time? I'm thinking November was a little late, but there might be more to it.

What kind of grass seed did you use?
How did you water it?
When did you use weed n feed?
Do you have any of the target grass left?

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