My Moss problems

dan_in_nh(5)March 23, 2012

Hi all,

Been fighting moss since I bought my house 3 years ago. I've added more lime than I care to admit to, without much luck. My PH is at 6.0 and I just sent in a sample to see if it changed since last year. I'm surrounded by pine trees and it will cost me 6K to get rid of the closest ones that also block the sunlight, but that's not gonna happen soon.

So what I did last week was hit the moss with the liquid Moss Out and now that it's turned black, I'm using my dethaching rake to pull it all out. I'll be aerating in the next few days to improve drainage, even though that's not really a problem. My question is, while I'm pulling up the dead moss, I'm also pulling up my lousy grass, because it has no roots, and I've got quite a bit of totally bare spots. I'm not going to overseed because it never works for me in the spring, so what should I do with those bare spots over the summer? Should I just mix in compost? Any suggestions?


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Well you kind of jumped the gun, I can understand getting rid of the moss, but to do so 5 months before you plan on seeding wasn't the best idea. What's done is what's done I suppose. The problem with bare spots is they tend to fill in with weeds, and undesirable grass like poa annua and poa trivialis. Here's what I would do if I was you. Apply Dimension preemergent now. It should last 4 months, preventing any weed from maturing. I would apply a layer of mulch to bare spots to prevent erosion. I would treat the lawn like you normally would, getting it ready for your late summer overseed (a soil test now would be helpful). Kill any weeds that pop up with spot applications of the appropriate herbicides. In August, kill everything with Round-up, and any remaining moss with Moss out. Once it's all dead, then scalp it all down with a mower, and seed. Or you can cut it short, Round up, and then seed the next day, it's up to you. I remember you from last year, and you have shade issues, please remind us of how much sun you get on average during the growing season, and what your square footage is. I just renovated my shady backyard last year with a grass that might be a perfect fit for you.

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