Indoor Gerbera Daisies to Bloom

jan67November 30, 2010

I brought 2 gerbera daisies inside for the first time. Neither of them bloomed more than 2 -3 times all summer. One plant has very few leaves as I have cut the bad ones out. It has 4 3/4 bloomed daises (yellow) and 6-7 tiny blooms starting at the base of the plant. I was shocked to see them, as there are so few leaves. However, the beginning blooms seem to stay about the same for several weeks and not growing much. The other plant (rust color) has yielded just a few blooms but the foliage is beautiful, lush and green. It has many new leaves growing all of the time. Does anyone know how long it should take for these baby blooms to grow up? And is there more I should do about the few in the other (rust color) pot? I water very carefully, and even though there isn't a lot of sunlight downstairs, perhaps bring them into my bay window with lots more sun would make them bloom faster? I appreciate any ideas on these and want to keep them indoors forever...if they will let me?

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

First of all congratulations for keeping these South African beauties so healthy indoors. They are not indoor plants though they are often sold as such. The trick is to keep them in very strong light, full sun if possible and so dry that they are just on the point of wilting. They hate damp humid cold conditions. If they make it through the winter in Colorado I'd be tempted to plant them out in spring as they are not very long lived anyway and let them go in a blaze of glory out of doors.

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johnh_or(Portland OR Z8)

Gotta second ifraser25s reply. I have one I planted in the ground and it comes back every year....but our winters are fairly mild. Bay window with lotsa sun would be worth a try.

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