Late Spring fertilizer application for tall fescue

johngood5(7)March 12, 2012

I keep seeing less and less need for a late Spring application of fertilizer for tall fescue. Visually, it never appears to need any fertilizer after the first flush of growth slows in May. My soil test report says to only go with 3 fall applications. We all know an early spring application is not needed but most of the people on here say to go with an application after the first flush of growth slows.

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I applied a winterizer application this year to my TTTF for the first time and it seems to work as advertised. I only use organics (grains, Milorganite) otherwise but even so I am being very conscious of the amount of N I put down as part of my effort to deal with brown patch this year. I intend to put down a few grain applications and then only one Milorganite application in late spring. Milorganite really helps the grass and the iron gives it a great color. Most of my N will be applied in the fall.

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