Houseplant book

tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)November 12, 2012

I recently purchased the book... 'The Houseplant Expert'

It is by far one of the best houseplant books by far. Thank you for the recommendation ( whoever did a month or so ago)

Love love it.

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*Looks over at bookshelf* I have that one too... the pages are beginning to fall out due to use!


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If you ever get into the more 'unusual' houseplants or just want a different but great houseplant book, try the 'Unexpected Houseplant' (she also writes about a few common houseplants also). It's brand new, just came out a few months ago, and I absoutly love it!! I found mine at Barnes and Noble, and I cant put it down!

I'm still looking for the houseplant expert 2...I think I may have to order it off of amazon...


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Is this book of the series of books by a Dr. Hessayayan (sp?)?

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Yes, that is the person who wrote it. I cant spell it either at the moment.

FPT. I got the first one off Amazon and they do have the second ne availble there as well. If you get it, an you report back andlet me know if it is worth buying?

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If I buy it, I will defiently let you know. But I'm wondering if it's just the exact same plants but just with more updated pics or something like that...if so, then it might not be worth me ordering it special (I'm trying to collect more on unusual and exotic houseplants)...also my local book store just got in a used houseplant expert's handbook, which is exactly the same as the full version but much smaller and with less plants and descriptions...I wanted to get it just for my plant libary, but they wanted $6, too much for a used tiny book for me.

If your trying to build a houseplant libary, a wonderful place are 2nd hand/thrift stores... every time I get paid I go to my 5 local 2nd hand stores in hunt of houseplant books and pots. This last time I found 32 magazines from the Orchid society for 10 cents each at one of the stores, I only own 10 orchids but they still have good information in them, and my daughter loves trying to draw the orchids out of them.


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

I cant find mine! Had it since the 80s!

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