Long Blooming houseplants

mitchentNovember 19, 2006

Is there any long or constantly blooming houseplants out their that are recommended? My girlfriend is tired of seeing bare foliage on our different plants. Thanks for the advice.


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tjsangel(z5 OH)

If you give them the right conditions, African Violets will bloom all year round. I have a goldfish plant that never stops blooming for long. Spider plant would be nice for small flowers and an easy care houseplant. Maybe try a Peace lily. Many flowering plants take a rest between bloom times. I'm hoping someone will give a few more suggestions. Good luck,


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notanatural(z6 NY)

Jasmine sambac (maid of orleans) blooms all year round inside the house. It maybe more intermittent in the winter. However, the flowers only last one day.

Gardenias (if one can get them to survive and bloom inside in the first place) can bloom for quite a while. The flowers last long too. Mine blooms all year except the hottest part of the summer.

If you have enough light to give, you can try hibiscus. They have gorgeous flowers but unfortunately only last a day or two as well.

Note about the jasmine and gardenia- there are different types and I don't think all are prolific bloomers year round. The J. Sambac Maid of Orleans I know can flower year round indoors. There are other Sambacs that won't really flower in the winters.
I'm not too familiar with all types of gardenias but mine is a 'fortuniana' and it blooms most of the year other than peak summers. I don't know if all varieties are this way.

Those are the only ones I grow and know about- wish I could give some better options.

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

I have a lovely pot of Oxalis regnellii 'Atropurpurea' that blooms its head off. It will periodically go through a dormancy, but the majority of the time it will be blooming.

There are many Oxalis varieties that can be grown as houseplants. Care should be taken not to overwater them.

I set mine outside in the summer in a shady location.

This pic is when I had a mixed selection in one pot:

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

As Jen said, African Violets are good, easy care, year round blooming houseplants. They come in many colors and leaf types. The other plus is that they don't take up very much space. You may get carried away with buying a lot of these for that very reason!

I have a purple Oxalis, but it only blooms for me in the spring and early summer. I'm sure some species or varieties would bloom year round if you give them the light they need. If I had the space, I'd set mine under lights now to see what happens!

You would love the Jasminum Sambac 'Maid of Orleans'. Beautiful, fragrant white blooms that last 24 hours. I'm going to stick my plant under some lights and wait for it to bless me with those intoxicating blooms!

If you'd like a variety of blooming plants, don't forget about Phalaenopsis orchids, especially 'Kaleidoscope'.


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How about Klanchoe? We had one bloom at work this summer, I just cut off the blooms last week. (when there were only a couple flowers that weren't dried up)

That has GOT to be one of the easiest to care for, prettiest plants!

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notanatural(z6 NY)

Oh! Begonias? Many varieties flower and do so through out the year, indoors- and they last a long time too. They don't have the most gorgeous flowers or anything but and the over-all effect is very pretty and they are easy to take care of!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Most people grow indoor plants for the lush foliage, too. Try tempting her with interesting colors, textures, and shapes.

My bromiliad has been blooming since February, and is only now showing signs of giving up! I have a hoya that has bloomed for about 9 months, as well. I like both of them for their foliage, though, and wouldn't care much if they didn't bloom.

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moth orchids (phalaenopsis) bloom for many months. that is each frond lasts for 6-8 weeks or more, but if you have a succession of blooms - it can be 4-5 mo total easily.

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I have a crown of thorns. This plant will flower year-round when it is mature. The flowers come in different colors and the plant is full of thorns. Care is pretty easy and it is a pretty hardy plant.

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