Killed my bermuda, what now?

JoeFriedeggs(8)March 24, 2012

I've been fighting a losing battle with poa annua for years (with very no help from several neighbors), and it finally won. On some bad advice from an 'expert', I used round-up to kill the poa on what I thought was a dormant bermuda lawn in early February in the Dallas area. I guess maybe due to the 'la nina' year (or maybe global warming :-) ), the bermuda was apparently not dormant.

Bottom line: My lawn now looks like a zebra. I have lots of large dead areas. What can be done? Overseed?

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My experience has been that generally our Bermuda does not really go dormant. It looks like it is..but it really is not. You may want to wait a bit to see if any more of the Bermuda comes back. And whatever does not you will probably need to dig up and resod if that is economically feasible.

I'm no "expert" but I have been controlling poa annua using pre-emergent (Lesco at Home Depot) Sept 15th and March 15 with a spraying of Image in late February and then again a few weeks later. Haven't gotten rid of all of it but don't have much of it at all anymore.

Good luck and let us know what happens.

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I've always thought there were two things you could not kill, bermuda grass and cock roaches. Roundup does not contaminate the soil so you can over seed.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

Try that next time. If you have bermuda that is still alive, fertilize every month and you'd have a nice lawn in no time.

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Thanks lou and oktobersky for the advice on Image. The irony is, I've been avoiding that product since 1999 when I killed the lawn on my previous house with it trying to control poa :). That lawn was about 70% poa when I moved in. Recently, I've had several people suggest using it, though. Maybe the product or the application instructions have changed since then. I do know now there are now several varieties of Image. Back in '99, I think there was only one.

texasredhead, you think maybe Round-up might work on cockroaches, also? :-) (it does kill bermuda)

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I was told by a master gardener to use the Image mid Feb and then again a few weeks later according label and it has worked fine and not hurt my lawn at all. It may make it green up a little later though and you do not want to spray it when your Bermuda is already green.

LOL on the Roundup and roaches!

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