I've been wanting one of these............

elkay_gwNovember 28, 2012

Went into HD to look for bird feeders and HAD to check out the house plants. Found this little guy in a group with 5 other plants on the bottom shelf of a 5 tiered cart. It was not receiving ANY light and was dry as a bone. I think maybe an employee was gathering up a little group of plants to buy when they got paid or something.

Well, I have been wanting one of these Stromanthes, so I bought it. The bruised leaves make me think it has been battered around a bit, but otherwise seems ok.

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I meant to add.....who has one of these? Are they fairly easy or fussy?

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You struck gold!

Given and very good well draining mix with lot's of indirect sunlight, that plant will do wonders for you, not that you need a hand, since you seem to grow just about anything beautifully!

I want another one now. Such nice colors.

I wonder though if they are spider mite magnets?


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Oh, don't say that.......never had a spider mite problem until I got into Brugmansias. I bought a miticide to keep handy and use it!

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Wow!!!! What a pretty, pretty plant. I am a total sucker for variegated plants. Im currently in search of a cordyline i saw in a plant book. It is tri-colored. I teally like your plant.

Add another to the want list.

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Hi Elkay,
I've had this Stromanthe for more than 1 year now and it's doing really well. Usually, beautiful plants like these, don't do really well for me(I guess I pick on them too much). I have it in 5-1-1 mix, very close to a window where it gets afternoon sun. Water when pot is light. Old leaves start drying but new shots come out all the time. All I do is cut the old ones when they get ugly.
Curious Star wants to play with the new "toy"

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Elkay, glad you got one! :)

Stromanth trio is one beautiful plant. If you were to order online, it'd cost a lot more than buying locally.

Over-wintering Brugmansia's indoors is one way to invite mites...they're very fussy plants.

There's no reason Stromanth should attract mites, unless air is too dry and soil kept continuously wet, but that applies to most tropicals.

Rinse leaves once a week..they dote on humidity, and showering should help keep dust and insects away.

Stromanth, 'related to Maranta/prayer plants, is much easier to grow.

Ada, your Stromanthe is doing great. I believe Curious Star agrees.. :)

CS is a beautiful color. Orange and white. I seldom see orange cats these days.. Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Handsome plant, Elkay.

I too am a nut for variegates & I saw this plant (one just like it) at HD a week ago. I picked it up & made eyes at it fondly, 'til reality set it & I asked myself, 'but where will I put it?' Back on its shelf at HD was the answer.

Seriously, no more room at my home.

Glad somebody got this beauty, it really is a looker, pls. enjoy for us all!!

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I got one of these this last summer from Lowes, they had two sizes, so I bought the smaller one to see if I can even keep it alive. I have mine in a west window sill sitting on rocks with water for humidity. This plant looks like it loves alot of humidity, and doesnt like to dry out completly. My plant is doing well so far, gets one new leaf here and there, hasn't grown hardly at all, but hasnt gotten smaller either...but it is a beautiful plant, I love the colors. I haven't found a pot to go with it yet, but I may have to get a plain one so it doesn take away from the beauty of the leaves...I may go and buy a bigger one someday. My lowes seems to get a few in here and there, so maybe after Christmas I'll go find one.


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