Mystery Fern?

dogg1967November 17, 2013

Picked this little beauty up at the local grocery store for $3 and the tag only said "Fern Asst in Overpot". Any idea on what kind of fern exactly? Also, any advice on care, if you happen to have experience with one? Thanks!

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Could it be Dryopteris sieboldii?

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I'm not certain, and am having Google problems.
Google Blue Star Fern. Toni

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It appears you have pushed me in the right direction Toni... the bluish-green foliage and the lobed leaves (fronds) make it a Blue Star Fern. Now, does anyone out in the Gardenweb universe own one that is thriving? If so please feel free to share your expertise. Thanks.

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Hey Dogg, :)

To be honest, the reason I 'pushed you in the right direction' may be because I have a Blue Star Fern. :)

My fern isn't going to win any awards though. lol
Still, it's lived longer than thin-frond ferns.

My Blue Star is kept in an unobstructed north window year round.
At one time, it was summered outdoors, but we have ant problems, so it hasn't been outside in 2-yrs.
It did great outdoors, from spring-autumn.

I fertilize ferns, 3 times a year with Azalea/Rhodo fertilizer. 3-month pellet type.

This is only my opinion, but Blue Star doesn't need as much humidity as other ferns. Ex, Adiantum/Boston. Still, it's misted daily.

I guess that's about it. Unless you have other questions.

Your Blue Star is nice and full. Very compact.


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hard to see, but i think yours has a hairy golden foot, no? i have that one too. it's phlebodium aureum / polypodeum aureum/ bear's paw fern. blue star is a variety of it.
it's a tropical fern.
it likes to be planted shallowly, coir basket would be best. it likes to be farely moist, but not wet - it'll rot easily then.
filtered warm sun light if very good for it. mine are in north-west corner window with very bright light. filtered west window is also very good. it'll go dormant in winter if temps drop to low 60s and then it can shed fronds. but it regrows in late spring after it gets to 70s.
mine grew from spores in orchids - then reseeded in alocasia pot and really took off. i had a whole fernery going. it sheds spores when mature - all over the place. can't put it on the carpet. in florida it spreads everywhere like crazy.
i keep mine on water-wicks self-watering. but allow it to dry up periodically. but mine are mature and quite large. when young it's best not to let it dry out. i keep very young plants tented in plastic permanently until they get to size.

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Thanks Toni and Petrushka for the care tips. We'll see how this little Blue Star does near a west window this winter and move it to a north vantage point for the summer rays (or maybe even outside). Your advice is much appreciated!

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