Floral Bra

marleneann(Buderim, Australia.)July 2, 2010

I found this picture in my saved folder. I don't know who made it...I just don't have the courage to make one too.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Its pretty isn't it? Especially with the pink flowers matching. I don't think I'll be hanging one on my porch either tho.

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I remember seeing that bra, as long as back in 2003 or '04...it was a running joke, on this forum for the longest time...lol

I don't remember anyone following suit on it but I for sure do remember that post.

I'd be very tempted to find the most huge bra I could find at GW and plant it..then hang it on the 'disputed fence' with the neighbors.....
but then again, why?

it's cute in a distorted way..lol
and you really gotta admit, it makes a good double planter..(chuckle)
especially if there were some nasturtiums growing and hanging way down..that would be cool for a symbolic statement..lol

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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)

Becky - I found a great old bed pan the other day and sooo wanted to buy it to use as a planter but they wanted too much for it. I think you could make a fantastic arrangement for your neighbors with one of those!!! lol :)

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I've never seen that before and it's a hoot and a half. I may do one just to see what DH says.

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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)

Becky - I just want you to know I thought of you today and bought the bedpan!! It was on sale and I couldn't help myself. I hung it by the outdoor bathroom and will plant something in it later :)

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Marlene Kindred

Too funny Marlene! The color is really pretty though, isn't it? I'm with you, don't think I'd put it in my garden.

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LOL that's the same pic I have saved, and asked the girls on HGTV if anyone knew how to make it. I'd think it would be along the concept of using a child's bib overalls to make a planter, just have to sew something on the back & bottom...

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UH. Anybody got a Pot Lady running around without her bra? That's where I would put one, on a pot lady. Fully planted with ummm-mm ah, Milk weed.

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Becky, I could send you one of my ol' boulder holders! lol! You know those big hanging baskets of flowers? Well I bet my bra would fit two! I might just have to try this one day. I always wanted to create a bathroom vignette outdoors in honor of my DH, Bob, who is a retired plumber. One of these hanging nearby planted would fit right in. Can you tell I'd be popular with my neighbors too?

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Maybe this bra started out with good intentions! They have a contest each year for decorating a bra(probably for breast cancer) they have all sorts of crazy ones & some beautiful so someone may have made that (You can bloom after breast cancer!) or something like that, good thought anyway!! Jan

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that's too funny...
I'm still considering a large one, to hang right along the fence post, at the end of the fence..

this is the fence I'm in dispute about...my yard is to the right..obviously, I have more stuff in my yard.
the plywood my son stacked up at the end of my truck..upright, which is one of the things they can't stand.
I have made no attempt at this time to move it to the backyard.

the part that aggravates me, is that from the road, my yard isn't that visible.
only by driving up the driveway, can you even see the house.
that's why I have had such an argument with the county guy giving me sh$t about the yard.
it's been a while again, since I've heard, so I figure some day, I'm going to get a letter of non compliance or something. who knows...I quit worrying about it.
the white building behind the trees is a huge double, two story garage/shop, in front of my house and front yard.

I need humor to represent my side of the fence and this post is something to get my adrenalin going again...lol

oh, does anyone remember how the bib overalls were used as planters, way back when? I had forgotten about them, till it was just posted on here..
they were heavily starched and then protected with some polyresin or something, for weatherproofing..
I think 'wannadanc' did a pair, if I remember right.
I'll have to send her a message and adk..she's not on here at all anymore..too busy with activities around the community. I'm envious of her schedule..day trips and ventures out on buses...

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