What should I do?

tdhawksMarch 28, 2014

Hey guys -

So, last fall I overseeded a fescue mix and watered like crazy. The yard looked great before winter and I am hoping it will look just as good this spring.

However, this winter has been very dry with little precipitation, especially in our area.

Most of the yard is in great shape, however, there are a few spots that have been beaten up pretty bad with my dog roaming the yard. Due to it being so dry, his claws just ripped up the yard along my fence line.

How should I approach this?

Would it be ideal to see what the yard looks like when spring gets here? Or, should I toss some seed on there now or in a month or so? Clearly, spring isn't the best time to overseed, but it is just in a few spots and not the entire yard.

I appreciate the feedback.

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Here's another shot of the lawn. It is pretty bare in some areas. Damn dog.

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PKponder TX(7b)

The dog is so cute and it's really a small area :-) I have no idea how to repair the area, just love your dog!

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I'd at least try seeding those spots. When you say "practically bare", that sounds to me like, "open invitation for weeds".

Just keep in mind that (you already know) seeding in spring means no pre-emergent (unless it's mesotrione) and the regular watering to establish--and more water to nurse it through summer if/when it gets hot & dry.

Also, folks smarter than me might chime in with suggestions on different cultivars of fescue that might hold up better to your four-legged friend.

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Any other ideas, my lawn looks the same way with two dogs.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

The dog will likely always tear up the area by the fence. I would put several inches of mulch in there for him/her to rest on. It isn't grass but I'm afraid it will always be mud otherwise.

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