Log, again

dcarch7July 4, 2010

G.W. is acting funny.

Trying agian.

Some time ago someone was asking what to do with 3", 4" logs.

Here is one option.


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Marlene Kindred

Very cool! Love the ambiance it gives. Thanks for the idea!

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I love it....
Now please tell us how you did that--
Inquiring minds want to know.

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Well d, you must have read my mind. My son just brought me 6 ot 7 big round posts about that length I was wondering what to do with. Someone did a lovely job with those. What do you have to carve the whole inside out? With a chainsaw?

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Nice job! Very rustic looking. I agree with garden2garden, you'll have to share with us how you managed to cut out the inside so neatly. Is that a battery operated candle in there?

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Lovely recycle!! Jan

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

Oh I missed seeing your posts! TFS!!! Great Idea and as always creative and illuminating!!!


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concretenprimroses(4B NH)


It was I who had the logs. Black birch. I put mushroom spore in 3 of them (strawberrygoat's suggestion) then dh cut them up. I grabed one of the prettiest short pieces and put it aside before he split them. So I have one piece that I could do that with, in theory anyway.


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Thanks guys.

Here was how I did it:


Drill, drill bit, chisels, hammer. sandpaper.

You will need a large diameter wood coring/drill bit. A Forstner Drill Bit works better than a spade type drill bit.

I used a 2" drill bit.

Mark off the distance between holes you will be drilling. It will be easier to drill every other hole fisrt and then drill in between.

A line of holes are to be drilled thru the log, and then at 90 degrees, drill another line of holes thru the log.

By the time you finished drilling the holes, most of the wood in the center of the log will be removed.

Using chisels, carve out more wood.

It would be easier if you have a drill press. Although a hand drill can do the job also.


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