7,634 Books.. So Little time..

DeadheadRINovember 29, 2012

Hi folks..
Was just over at AbeBooks.com looking for a text book for daughter, and did a search for 'Houseplants'
7634 of them came up, and reading through the first five pages, saw most of them are in the $3.50 area with Free shipping.

I figure that will keep a few of you up til the wee hours! :-)

Since I'm 'computer challenged', I cant post a link, but have fun!


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That's alot of books on houseplants, and I would love to collect them all lol. I think I have somewhere around 50 houseplant books, not including books on succulents and orchids. I don't plan on stop collecting, but I will soon need a bigger shelf for them...

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The book I return to, year after year, is the Reader's Digest Success with House Plants. First published in 1976, but more recently updated.

Again and again. Not a huge fan of the hand drawn illustrations, but the remainder of the information is complete in regards to:
growth - season, expectations
Light, temp, water, humidity

I busted the spine on my copy years ago, and just recently took it in to work.

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