Prayer Plant Help!!

chokolatedoveNovember 13, 2008

HEy all!! I have a prayer plant that I have had for about 5 years. She has grown to be very tall and leggy. I want to cut it back to a more compact form. Any suggestions as to how to prune it? Also...I have a herringbone maranta mixed into the pot with it...It provides a nice contrast to the two. But this one seems to be a little harder to keep...any suggestions as to why it brown and curls up? Thanks for tips! and I will see if I can get any pics of it....I would love to see pics of yours!!

I do want to buy another prayer plant....but I cant seem to find any anywhere here in southern cali!

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meg_awat(Indoor & Outdoor 10-11)

Hi chokolatedove
I have many species. My favorite plants!
Some look like they are made out of exotic fabric
Prayer Plants are the Marantaceae family
If your prayer plant is harder to keep it may not be a Maranta but another species or hybrid in the Marantaceae family.
Some Prayer Plants require higher light and temperatures than others.
They may look good together but may not thrive together.

Can you provide a photograph of the "prayer plant" or the name?

Brown and curling leaves on a Prayer Plant usually mean a lack of humidity.
Curling can also mean too much air flow on the plant.
Hard to say without an ID.
knowing more about your conditions and care.

To your question
You can divide a Prayer Plant.
Pruning, not a good idea. You will be cutting off the new growth.
If it has grown "leggy and tall" it is not receiving enough light.
More light will make it grow more compact

Places to buy [from simple to exotic]:

Home Depot- Catch them as they arrive.
Exotic Angels/Englemann's online store
Oak Hill Gardens Illinois- not on website call them- Awesome Stromanthes and Calatheas! Marantas too
Ecugenera Ecuador
I've bought from all 4 places.
Repot immediately from Home Depot and Englemann's.
Their mix is too water retentive. Drains poorly.
Hope it helps!

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You can cut the plant back as far as you like to just above another stem & leaf joint or axil to keep it more bushy looking.
If your getting leaves with brown tips on a particular plant in the group, it could be that it's more sensitive to fluoride and chlorine in the water. You might see better results using distilled, or rain water.

Billy Rae

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I have the herringbone and rabbit track varieties. They do pretty well together. Its just I don't provide enough humidty...the herringbone seems more susceptible to this. The rabbit tracks seem to be leggy. Its ok...I just like them to be more compact. I know the herringbone seems to have more of a vining quality to it. The pot is tallish...I am transporting them today to a smaller shallow pot so they can have fun. Thanks for the advice!!

I try to take a pic...but my camera phone wasn't cooperating! MANY do u have? I know some are easier to grow than others. Can I see some pics of your collection if you don't mind? Thanks :)

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