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Gurvy(6)March 30, 2014

Have a new lawn that was put in with the new build last year. The builder used poor contractor grade seed that did not take well. Had my lawn guy aerate and overseeded (sun and shade seed from local nursery) in the fall. Scott's also came by to give us an estimate for a fertilization schedule and part of it said that I will need to add Lime and will need nutrients (I am assuming needs more fertilizer to be placed). Needless to say, their estimate is too expensive and will try myself first.

Now that Spring is here, I was thinking about over-seeding again with Pennington or Scotts KBG blend (thats what I really want). However, I have a dilemma: I was thinking about putting down the lime pellets prior to a rain so it seeps into the ground, then a few days later adding the Scotts Fertilizer with HALTS weed preventer (had many weeds per Scott's assessment in September), followed by the KBG seed.

I went to HD and "the guy" said that this will prevent any grass seed from growing as well. He suggested to use the New Lawn Fertilizer and then overseeding, then put the weed killer that Scott's makes later in the spring/early summer.

Is that going to be an issue with the seeding if the weed preventer is placed? Can someone tell me what is the best option for me?

I don't mind waiting to overseed till the fall again as I am hoping that the seed put in last fall will take and can just add some seed as needed to cover patches for this season.

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andy10917(NY 6a)

Hello fellow Lower Hudson Valley member!

Yes, standard pre-emergents WILL prevent grass seed from sprouting. There are pre-emergents that will allow seeding (based on Siduron or Mesotrione), but Spring is not the best season to seed -- the grass isn't mature before Summer heat and often fails.

You shouldn't put down a random amount of Lime - get a good soil test and figure out what the soil needs before making the money and effort investment.

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Thanks for the reply. Always good to get advice from someone locally.

I guess I will just use the weed preventer with lawn food from Scotts after the Lime and overseed in the fall then.

As far as the issue of Lime is concerned, where do you send for the testing and how long does it take? I was thinking about confirming what Scotts told me last Fall with a test kit from HD or Amazon and just dropping lime on the yard. Do you know what the typical pH of the ground/soil in this area usually is b/c I have heard that it is more acidic.

My first full season in this area so want to make sure I don't screw things up for the future of my lawn.

Thx again!!

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andy10917(NY 6a)

Logan Labs has the most complete test at a reasonable price. I interpret hundreds of them a year, but no longer do it on this site. If no one here interprets it here, you can google my ID and "soil management" to find somewhere where I'm doing the interpretations and plans/recommendations.

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