Randia Ruziana from Logees - a hopeless plant

roseperson(z5 S/E MI)November 27, 2012

Does anyone have any experience with this plant? About a year back I got one from Logee's, the plant I received was of so poor quality that they had to replace it; the replacement was a little better but not worth the price they charged ($16.95 for a 2.5" pot); however both died for no apparent reason; the first one died around mid-summer this year and the other one died in the Fall. I order many plants from Logees and most of them performed satisfactory. This plant is supposed to produce very fragrant flowers per Logees specifications, but could not verify the plant habit and its culture; so I do not know what went wrong. I have talked to a person at Logees today on the matter, she could not shed any light either. I would like to try this plant from a source other than Logees, any help or comments will be appreciated.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

No disrespect intended, but the first thing I would do if a plant died in my care is examine closely and critically anything I might have done to contribute to the plant's demise. In most cases, by far, it's the end grower's fault, not the plant's or the propagator's. The most frequent issues are over-watering and sometimes over-fertilizing, but there are many other possibilities that should be eliminated as potentially causal before blame is levied elsewhere. That may SOUND like I'm being harsh or judgmental, but I'm not. A good start on resolving why this plant is reluctant to perform for you would begin with a clear description of the cultural conditions under which the plant was grown, with emphasis on soil/watering habits, fertilizing program, and what kind of light the plant was in.


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Al, I don'tyou being harsh here at all:-)

In fact, I was going to ask you,Roseperson, if by any chance did you repot it yet?

Sorry, I meant to ask you, what is it doing? How do you know it's dying? When mine died,all two of them, an original and then a replacement, the leaves were always turning a soft brown and receded back to each leaf until all the leaves fell off and then it died. Sort of a disease issues I thought.
I never ordered another again.


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roseperson(z5 S/E MI)


Thanks for your comments, I have re-potted both plants to rescue them, clay pots, soil-less potting mix; both went through the same symptom exactly as you described; now both are 100% dead. I would not answer Al as I do take care of my plants, I have an award winning garden and if you would search on "roseperson" on the entire site you probably might still be able to see some of my posts, especially if you could go back a dozen years.

Sincerely -

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Hi Rose, the reason why I asked is because when I got the very same plants, I took them to a very reputable person who understands plants issues and he told me it was a leaf disease, not my fault. It came with the plant.

Thinking botrytis? I had the same issue with a dozen begonia from them and all died within months...Or some other fungus affecting the leaves which was not my fault.

It also attacked my african gardenia, and brovadia which I think the brovadia they no longer carry. I lost all these plants to the same disease, what ever it was no matter how well I cared for them.

When I was there in person, I noticed at that time, all of the Randia had the same issue with the leaves, so I left them there.

So take heart, it's not your fault, and neither mine. I would search elsewhere for the same plant. I did manage to find my african gardenia that does not have this issue from another source and I love them.
I do get most of my plant from Logee's in great condition, and they are on the top of my favorite list, but just a select few I now know to stay away from.


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roseperson(z5 S/E MI)


My concern is - a diseased plant should never leave a reputed nursery destined for a customer's home. My African Gardenia has been affected probably through Randia; I have quarantined that and put it among a bunch of matured citrus plants, the only non-citrus companion out there besides the African Gardenia is a Brunfelsia Gigantea - which is so huge and robust that I do not worry about the brunfelsia getting affected. I think I will give up the idea of getting another Randia. Thanks for your sincere feedback. I order plants from Logee's which I cannot find locally.
-- Roseperson

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