another ? before I start

greylady_gardenerJuly 22, 2012

So two weekends of 'garage saleing' and a trip to the hardware to get the silicone, and I am finally going to put together my first totem this afternoon!! ....but was just wondering about how to place them in the garden as I think it may affect my decision as to what to use as a base. I am not sure it the totems are best placed on a secure base of some sort like a square patio stone, or if they would be okay just placed on the soil in the garden. Are they going to be tippy if not on a patio stone? Will the plate on the bottom crack if the ground is a bit uneven and doesn't give even support?

what do most of you do?

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I just use a heavy duty plate for a base such as a microwave turntable plate mine work great hope this helps

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I use microwave plates the majority of the time on mine, too. Cake plates are my second choice.
Some put the bottom plate underground, but I keep mine on top, because it keeps the spatter down when it rains.

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Marlene Kindred

I just put a heavy dish, plate, or ashtray on the bottom of mine..with some width to it. I place them directly on the mulch in my garden and they do fine.

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Thanks to each of you for answering my question. I am just home and finished lunch and am anxious to get started.

I settled on a totem consisting of five pieces so I guess I should be able to attach them all at once........or should I do two or three and then wait for them to set a bit.....nervous questions......I just need to 'take the plunge' and not be so worried! :-)

thanks again, I will be back with pics as soon as I can.

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I always do mine at 1 time unless it is really a tall piece

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irisnquilt(Zn 5)

Now is the silicone the same as Marine Glue? I've been using Marine Glue and the hardware dude said the glue would outlast the glass. Am I doing this wrong?

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