climbing onion ???

emerald1951November 13, 2013

Hi all....I got this climbing onion last year, it was the size of a quarter and it now is the size of a soft ball its big and great question is how and when do these multiply...I have been reading but not sure just how they they spilt, grow from cuttings of skin layer or bulblets.....
I have a pregant onion and they grow small bulblets under the dried skins, lots of them....
if you have a climbing onion would you post a picture and how yours multiply....I thank you and heres a picture of mine but it has not multiplied yet.....linda

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dellis326 (Danny)

I've gotten a few offsets from mine. They also split up but I haven't had that happen to mine. I think seeds are a viable option for these plants too. I don't think you can cut it up and grew new ones from the piece if that's what you mean

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I have two of these, and they seem to be taking turns blooming. The one on the right just finished, while the one on the left sat naked. I got the one on the left last Spring, and it was about the size of the one on the right at that time. They have not multiplied yet, but are one of my favorite plants!

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Hi greybird....some where I read, could grow these from seed have you ever gotten any seed...I have not and mine did bloom..but I didn't get a seed pod or anyhing have you??? linda

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dellis326 (Danny)

Mine also flowers regularly but it hasn't ever produced seeds.

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Hi, I really like this plant too...its so different from any other...but sure wish I knew more about it...
very nice plants guys, thanks for posting....
maybe someone that knows more about these plants will post question I'd like to know is if it's poisonous....linda

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Linda, was it you who asked if I had Climbing Onion about a year ago??

I had a baby. Because so many plants were close together, I didn't see CO. Months later, it was so dry, the bulb shriveled up. I tried saving the baby, but doubt it'll live.

Everyone's CO's are doing great.

Last summer to fall Onions bloom. Small flowers, but pretty amongst green foliage.

Don't know if they're toxic, Linda. Sorry.

Danny, WOW, what a plant! What's its age? Toni

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dellis326 (Danny)

Hi Toni, I don't know how old it is, I've had it for about three years and that picture is about two years old and it's an inch or so bigger now. The stems die back about twice a year and currently it is starting to brown up but it is tangled up in the big monstera I sometime post images of so I can't move it to someplace I can take a new decent photo of it.

They seem to slow down a lot the bigger they get, at least mine does, I pulled a pea sized offset from it last spring and it's almost as big as a quarter now. doesn't seem like much but its a much higher growth rate then the bigger one.

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