pic of broken lemon lime dracaena

mari66November 23, 2011

Hello & Happy Thanksgiving

This is my bargain plant with a broken stem --I took a piece off just above the leaf-- its been in water with no results

Was this the right thing to do???

any ideas I did re pot it a while ago and never really checked the roots--

Any hope ???

Thanks Mari Plymouth MA

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paul_(z5 MI)

Just for clarification, Mari. So the leafy stem on the left is NOT the broken off piece of the stem on the right?

The stem on the right should eventually put out new growth. I have never tried to water root Dracaenas, so we'll have to wait for someone more experienced to chime in. :)

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I root dracaenas in water all the time - you shouldn't have a problem there. Once it roots, I would put it back in that pot to make a fuller looking plant.

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I finally got mine to root in water. I say finally because it took around 3 weeks, at least. Have a little patience....it'll happen! :)


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I too have rooted Dracaeans in water. Patience is the key.
Add Superthrive to the water or soil..whichever method you decide.
ST stimulates root growth.

Also, if you root in water, change daily or every second day..Water gets stagnant if it's not changed, and STINKS.

Another hint..Don't peek, lol. So many people rooting a cutting, feel they MUST peek to see if the cutting rooted. lol. I've told them, time and time again, Let It Be! All they're doing is disturbing the tiny roots.
Two people killed cuttings because they couldn't resist peeking. lol.

But, seriously, although Dracaenas can be rooted anytime of the year, they might take a little longer during winter months..they're a bit slow to begin with.

Good luck, Toni

PS. When I first saw your plant, I thought it was D. Song of India, variegata.

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Thank you everyone,
So glad to hear the good news that the plant will root--OH YES--I do have to learn to be patient--just ask my hubby AL
and thanks for all the tips on rooting--
I am fairly new here had been on cacti & succulents
I have Jades and they are not getting enough light as this group advised and I Know they are right--Here in MA its dark and cloudy so I am adding artificial lite for the winter along with their west window--my south window is under a car port with very low light--plus if the sun is out just before it sets they get 20 or so minutes of sun
I need a whole home make over just for my plants HA HA
I will keep you posted
Mari Plymouth MA

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