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cowboytruckn(6)March 30, 2012

I have a bermuda lawn and am really wanting to treat it right this year. I have already applied Scotts Turfbuilder plus weed control for my early spring feeding.

I use a Troy Built mower that has 10 settings that I have set on five. Any taller and it grows ugly and any lower it looks yellow. I think I have found a happy medium.

We got a good rain about 3 weeks ago and today was my first mowing. Starting to really get green but still muddled and highs are around 85 right now. From now on I have once a week mowings until the summer heat when I go to two or three mowings a week. I am giving it a good watering to let it get moisture then I am done for almost three weeks or so.

I hear to use a early spring fertilizer (now and done!), late spring (when?), summer (when?), and a fall with weed control (Late September). Sound correct? Any other advice is welcomed. I am wanting to overseed but when if spring and fall fertilzer has weed killer in it?

Last year from mid June til August we got no rain, this was a new house with sod planted layed first week of June as you can guess my water bill was outrageous. (My wife was pi$$ed). I didn't get to fertilize any except for the fall because I didn't want to hurt with too much fertilizer on stressed grass. I put a coat of starter fertilizer when they layed sod (recommenced by Scotts customer service).

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Do a search for the Bermuda Bible posted on another Forum, download and read it. I twill answer all your questions in detail, and answer questions you have not asked.

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Thanks for the reply. A lot of info there! I'm am going to actually have to study that a little bit.

One little quick thing I just read about does anybody know about preemergence herbicide? The only thing I am familiar with is Scotts fertilizer plus Halts.

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for a preemergence herbicide i use Amaze. You may have something else in your area. Bermuda likes Fert every 30-45 days.

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Do not use Halts. It is nasty stuff and has a half life of 30 to 45 days.

Use either AMAZE, or products that use Dimension or Barricade. AMAZE has a half life of 120 days, Dimension and Barricade have a half life of 90 days.

If you use AMAZE apply it every 4 months, and 3 months for both Dimension and Barricade.

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