Does anyone know what kind of Palm this is??

Danny21November 16, 2013

Does anyone know what plant this is, I inherited it from my grandma and I would like to know its care traits. Thank you.

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Hi Danny
The plant is lovely and I believe it's a Philodendron.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

thaat would be my guess also. Looks like p selloum or one of the hybrids. Definitely NOT a palm lol gary

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Danny, I agree your plant is either Philodendron or Monstera, 'relatives.'

Care: Well-draining, fertile soil. direct summer sun. Bright light during summer..during winter, 'depending where you live,' bright light, so you may need to change windows.
Fertilize with All Purpose or Balanced Fertilizer during growing season. Once a month is sufficient.
Water when soil feels semi-dry. Never keep soil wet for prolonged periods.
Philos/Monsteras like humidity, so spray leaves, and/or run a humidifer.

BTW, nice plant. Toni

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Thank you everyone for your responses and help. I definitely agree with your answers. I thought it was a palm because I how the base of the plant looked. I'm hoping this upcoming growing season it will fill out a bit. Thanks again!

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Also, in the spring should I transfer It to a smaller pot? I feel like it's in way to big of a pot right now.

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Philo Bipinnatifidum or Selloum, seem to interchangeable names - in Europe at least.

It'll grow some major roots over time, so leave it in a big pot. :-)

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They can get quite huge so the larger pot won't be out of place. make sure the soil is fast draining. The correct name is Philodendron bipinnatifidum, P. selloum is a synonym. A couple of the common names are Split-leaf Philodendron and Tree Philodendron.

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