broken lamp

novice_2009(zone 6b)July 3, 2010

My kids were playing the other day and broke a floorlamp in the livingroom. My first thought was trash it( after thinking about price to replace it) but then then I thought hey.....maybe I can turn this into a piece of garden art. It's a tall floor lamp, hubby removed all wiring. It's now a heavy base, two pole pieces, and small bulb base(perfect size for a ball to rest on?).

I've seen some of the pics of the art all of you have created.

Off the top of your head, any suggestions on what to do with these pieces? I'd wan't to paint them first, as they are a dark copper color. What kind of paint to use?

Any ideas on what this could become?


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Horse pole, someone just painted a Wonder Horse-kid's toy horse so it looks great & hubby mounted it on heavy lamp pole. Could be hanging planter with addition of couple of arms. Since it has something to maybe hold a BB it could also hold a solar sphere like colander ones they were just talking about on another post. If I put a bowling ball on top of 1 I would cement it in the ground, sure don't want a kid knocking it over & hurting themselves as would be top heavy as far as weight. Could use a glass glazing ball on top or add chandi & feed the birds etc. Jan

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Rustoleum has many great colors and its really good on metal. I like their "hammered" metal finishes myself.
You can hang plant baskets or birdfeeders from the two pole pieces.
Have fun with it and show us what you do.

Happy 4th Weekend,

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Could also have the beginnings of one of those LARGE wind chimes.

I found some garden junk groups on You might go check them out to get some ideas. Just click on groups, then search for garden junk.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

It could be the beginning of a form/base for a scarecrow. i really want to make a scarecrow woman, thats why I thought of this.

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Marlene Kindred

There are several examples on here of things people have done with floor lamps, but the one that comes to mind are the ones that were shown on the website I've listed below. It would depend on the design of your lamp too. You could also put a gazing ball on the top.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden junk sale and show

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novice_2009(zone 6b)

Thanks everybody! You all are so creative.
I'll look at some more of your stuff and dwell on it. I can paint it now, but it will be fall before I can get around to it, as I'm busy with little ones, gardening, etc.
Enjoy the 4th!

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On the pot people website I saw one made with a floor lamp.

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Wow! Those 2 ladies have so much stuff!! Great painting & lots of lamp posts ideas, I like the coppery looking 2 birds with grapevine wound around it. Love the long painted planter with the lt. green stand. So many great ideas! Thanks Marlene! Jan

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I was lucky enough to buy about 25 old lamp glass pieces from a guy for $10 last fall. I hadn't made anything until last week when I found an old floor lamp at a yard sale for a dollar. I took it apart and used the base and inside rod to make this tall totem. The glass is just sitting on top of each other now, I need to take it apart and caulk between them.

The smaller piece is made from and old ashtray stand. I don't post pictures very often, so I hope this works....

Here is a link that might be useful:

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karenillinois...that's a great idea using the old floor lamp as a base & stem for your totem...and the ashtray one, too These will both be very pretty in your gardens! Good luck putting them tog! and great prices! TFS! Jeanne S.

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