Lemon Cypress as house plant?

greendale(6B)November 20, 2013

I know I should not buy it before I know what it is. The only tag says "smell me" with a Lemon on it. But I could not resist - I was thinking after Chrismas I will plant it outside and the only concern is if the soil is frozen. But to my horror after some research aka google - it is Lemon Cypress - Cupressus Macrocarpa, is it? It is not hardy in my 6B zone. I am willing to try overwinter it, It is repotted into gritty mix now. Anybody keep Lemon Cypress as house plant, any tips are welcome, and wish me luck.

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Had one for almost three years but last week it just dried up and died on me. I kept it outside in the summer out of direct sun and in the winter it was in a south facing window. I don't know why it died I think I didn't give it enough water. Mine would over winter fairly well inside but the dry air turned the tips a little brown but they would go back to green once the humidity was fixed. It's a fairly easy plant!

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Will, thanks. So cool temp, more light and do not let it dry. It still looking good so far:)

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It's amazing how 'ease to grow,' store employees/managers make a plant sound. Temptation. :)

'Smell Me.' lol.

I agree with Will, your Cypress needs a chilly area. Heat browns fronds.
Some firs, 'if Cypress is a fir,' needs humidity too. They dislike dry air.

Your tree is so pretty, Green.
Heck, I'd decorate the tree for Christmas. 'Short period.'

Would you happen to know if Lemon Cypress is hardy to your area? Toni

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Yes, that was what I planned, decorate it as a Christmas tree and then plant outside. But I do not think it is hardy to 6b, from what I read it only hardy to 8b. I like to just have it as house plant for the winter and then summer outside. Wish me luck.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Monterey Cypress (C. macrocarpa) is a warm climate conifer, thriving into the tropical zones. I believe that the limiting factors for Indoor culture will be insufficient light and low humidity, not temperature. Factor in improper watering practices and poor quality potting medium and the chances for failure are pretty high.

There is a Cupressus macrocarpa 'Goldcrest ' that has the common name of Lemon Cypress...not for its smell, but for the yellow tinged new growth. That's what this probaby is.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Removed duplicate post

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Thanks, rhizoï¼Âfor the further info. Yes, I do believe it is cupressus macrocarpa 'goldcrest'. I also read about that it smells like lemon when the needle is crushed. Didn't know the common name is from the color though.
The back of the tag actually says plant outdoors and indoors and with some pic shows how to dig a hole and plant the tree. But nowhere shows the hardy info. Anyway, I will do my best to keep it alive and move it outside when it getting warmer. I will pay more attention to the light and water. Thanks

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Good luck...it sure is a handsome plant.

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pic of goldcrest cypress, lemon cypress. These are coastal trees, tolerant of salt spray, it is a cultivar, so, anyway I just got this plant at a super mark down price because it was real close to death and had a blatent piece of bird dropping on it. Cypress is just one of those plants that leaves a lingering question, is it dead or alive.. I think that is perhaps the most infamous thing about them. They do not like wet roots that are drenched but like a small bit of water regularly that drains well. Lemon cypress is real popular in fairy garden type landscape designs, but, pots only afford it life for so long, could be years could be months. Either you like that about them or don't. Misting them mimics a fog or dew, but, it suffices. Assume freshly bought means transplant shock from weeks ago and just leave it in it's pot, don't fertilize for awhile and let it adjust. Relax it is most likely a propagated stick and just needs time. I have in the past killed enough little unique bonsai in the learning process to perhaps save you from doing it, just because testing the limits of various bonsai was a way for me to establish a general method to bonsai. Bonsai can be real cheap. All of them are usually propagated sticks and have had branches and roots relocated on them. That is fine, but they are not as hardy as to just stick them in the dirt walk away and wait or even re-pot. Any tree of any size growing in a pot is a bonsai, just not all are judge worthy. I have decided that a cypress is one that can be versatile in home decor. The rest kind of require some kind of themed room, wall or even corner, even juniper. Cypress kind of blend in better even all gussied up judge worthy of a bonsai event and don't seem so culturally ethnic specific. Just an opinion. In a pot, never assume the thing is drought tolerant.

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in case anyone has the same thing here is a tag to read. btw, I am not giving advice, just sharing what I learned.

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leaves of a lemon cypress. i don't think what the o.p. has is a lemon cypress. however it might be. idk.

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