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kimmy517(z5 OH)July 23, 2010

I have this birdbath that I bought at Pier one awhile back. It's made of iron, and after I bought it the paint started to peel inside the basin and then came rust. I sanded it and repainted it but it started to peel. Since I didn't want to throw it away I drilled a hole in the bottom to use as a planter but I think it just to shallow... I was wanting to see if anyone had any other ideas for it. I would post a pic but don't know how.

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If you have a damp, shady spot it your yard, you could try growing moss in it. I've seen moss grown in shallow dishes, with the soil mounded up in the dish, so the moss grows in a little hill. Or plant moss roses in it, the same way, but in the sun. They need very little soil.

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You can usually grow sedum or hens and chickens. Some folks here have also made great fairy gardens

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FlowerGardener(Z4 MN)

My Mother had a bird bath that she didn't want to use as it was to much upkeep for her at the time. She put a hanging basket she bought already potted up removed the hanger and set it into the bird bath the plants hung over the sides of the pot and birdbath it looked like the flowers were on a pedestal. She had it setting in the middle of a round flower bed and it looked lovely with the raised flowers as an accent.

By the way that bird bath is now in my garden and is being used by the birds.

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I have one of those iron birdbaths and the birds seem to like it rust and all. Mine is small and short so it doesn't hold much water, but the dog likes the taste of the water in it too and drinks from it. I've had it out there in the garden for over 10 years and it isn't anywhere near rusting through. Cheryl

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

My old concrete bird bath that must be about 50 yrs. old because my dear MIL had it for years before she gave it to me. It had a crack and wouldn't hold water, so I just spray painted the outside, added potting mix, planted portulaca seeds in it back in January and they have flourished all summer and are beautiful. I never thought they'd survive because it didn't have any drainage holes drilled in the bottom. I give them a drink once a week, and they're happy as a lark. I spraypainted the birdbath terracotta color but I think late in Fall or early spring 2011, I'll change the color to something bright like bright blue or maybe even bright gold to go with the black eye susans that are planted all around it. I saw a bright blue birdbath in a Garden Gate magazine or book recently. That's where I got the bright blue idea from. If I don't want to use it as I'm using it now, the top is a separate piece. I could always plant succulents in it, and use the stand part to add a potted plant on top of it or even a hanging basket that cascades over the side. I could replace the portulaca and plant succulents in it and add some colored pebble stones and sit some votive candles around it when we have company sitting outside on the patio. The votive candle would reflect the color of the colored peebles when lit. Saw an idea like this in Debra Lee Baldwin's new book. I'll keep this piece of garden junk!

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

Iron birdbath, chipping paint, surrounded by gardes, I don't know, Kimmy, sounds pretty cottage-y to me. Does it look more 'aged' now?

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I like the moss idea. Also, succulents would be good. They don't need much dirt and there are some that could drape over the side.

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